Wanderlust Colorado | Moving with the Muse: Teacher's Study with Shannon Paige

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by Tali Koziol

Shannon Paige is known for her beatiful way of weaving theme into the Vinayasa practice. Her voice is engaging, her words poetic, and her sequencing prolific. I feel so blessed to have her as my teacher in Colorado and was thrilled to be a part of her Teacher's Study at Wanderlust. 

In the practice on Friday afternoon a group of teacher's gathered together, coming to the mat as students. Shannon began the practice with a discussion on theme. What does it mean to truly weave theme into the class? We are all familiar with the "spiritual sandwich" - Pretty Poem - Asana - Pretty Poem. However Shannon challenges us to give our students a different experience. How does them tie to specific actions, poses, movements?

We were then guided through practice, seeing first-hand how Shannon weaves theme throughout the duration of the classes. The beauty is that you never felt called out to experience theme or called to be just in the body not in the heart. This is what true union is about. The mind falls in love with the heart. The body, intellect, heart, and spirit begin to recognize they are one. 

Weaving them into class brings the stronger conenction, minimizes the disconnect. This is exactly why we come to yoga...to find those moments of connection. Not only the connection to ourselves but to those around us. Theme allows everyone to experience the same class, in their own way. 

Make sure to spend some time with Shannon Paige, she is truly a master of the muse. 

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