Wanderlust Colorado | Hikeadelic with YOGANONYMOUS’ Dan Wilf

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By Nicole Lindstrom

There is no better way to start the day at a yoga festival than to go on a hike. This morning the clouds were low and the air was crisp as I walked through Copper Village to meet Dan and the rest of the early risers. A gust of cool air ran through me like a slow wave- vitalizing and refreshing. The usual hop in my step was slightly subdued due to the tremendous amount of lunges and downward dogs it had undergone during the first two days of the festival. I needed something and that something woke me up early, encouraged me to throw on my five fingers and a fleece, bringing me out into the morning. But what was it?
694 As soon as we started up the trail and I felt the blood pumping through my veins, the cool earth beneath my feet and the Coloradoan wind on my skin, I knew what it was. I needed nature. I needed to step outside of the festival and soak in all of the information and all of the experiences I had been exposed to in the past two days. Dan must have seen this need within all of us as well as himself. When we reached the entrance of the hike he said, “This is your time to absorb. Be light in your movements as we make our way through this hike. Use your experiences from the past few days to really open your hearts and take in what is around you.” And with that, we were off to draw in and reconnect.
695 Along the hike we stopped to stretch our tired bodies and to breathe. The breath, we learned, inspired Dan to call this particular journey ‘Hikeadelic’. One of yoga’s biggest debuts in America was at Woodstock, over 40 years ago. At that time, the participants were attracted to the practice largely because of the incredible high they found after experimenting with breathing techniques. So, in spirit of the tradition, we gave it a try. Dan led us through a series of different techniques and although we were in a group, we all reached deep within ourselves and discovered our own unique journey.

On the hike back down I felt rejuvenated, revitalized, reawakened and completely blissed out. I was ready to step back into another full day of Wanderlust festivities feeling more vibrant then ever. Next time you find yourself searching for something you are not quite sure of, take a step outside and breathe. You might just find it.  

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