Wanderlust Colorado | Healing Waters

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"Rain, Rain, stay with me,

cause I'm in love with you, 
you leave me unchained, 
feeling worthy, not blue."

- Richard McClellan


I have been fortunate to work in the festival industry, primarily music festivals. Weather has always been a make it or break it. Normally the rain that we've been blessed with is a deal breaker. However, in this union of tribe, rain doesn't break the gathering, it strengthens it. 

I have been participant and witness  to many strangers meeting, connecting, and sharing. The rain brings us a sense of peace, a sense of newness, and calls us closer together. It invites the opportunity to move closer together for shelter and sanctuary. Also calling us to dance in the rain together. Moving within the great healing energy that comes down with each drop. 

When we gather together, we raise the vibration. When we stay together and come closer, bound by the rain, we elevate that vibration to a new level. 

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