Wanderlust Colorado | Day One: Form Within the Flow with Sarah Tomson Beyer

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By Nicole Lindstrom

Today was the first day of Wanderlust Copper and what a day it was! The sky was blue, the sun was out and the ecstatic energy in the air ignited the spark within us all. By mid morning I found myself heading up a mountain in search of Sarah Tomson Beyer. Sitting on a chairlift in July is not your everyday occurrence. My usual skis and poles were replaced with my handy dandy manduka and my trusty yoga pants. A first for me, but alas, there I was riding off into the beautiful Copper Mountain wildflower abyss. Mind open, heart enlarged, ready for a new experience. 
687 I decided to take Sarah Tomson Beyer’s Form Within the Flow class weeks in advance. The class description sucked me in with the promise to fly and a killer playlist. Flying? Great music? Sign me up! I spotted the yoga space from the lift and immediately felt my heart begin to race. As a Coloradoan native, I had yet to experience yoga in such an amazing setting. Our class took place outdoors on a giant clearing overlooking the breathtaking view of surrounding mountains. With the earth beneath our feet, the sun overhead and a gentle breeze, we had ourselves perfect flying conditions. But what does it mean to fly, really? Sarah helped us find out. She took us under her wing, guided us to the edge, and set us off. 

We began by grounding ourselves with essential warm up techniques and slowly built into Sarah’s Flowmotion sun salutes. The movements flowed through us and step-by-step we built higher and deeper until we reached a completely new and unique sequence that allowed organic movement within ourselves and unison within the group. The energy she created was contagious and her class evoked laughter, challenge, and the ability to utilize the tools she gave us to truly take flight within ourselves through our movements. 

Sarah is truly talented in creating a style of yoga that is out of the box and expresses playful movement. Watching Sarah move with such ease and grace is humbling, inspiring, and highly infectious. Once you feel the air beneath your wings the desire to take flight brings you to new heights, expanding your horizons. Sarah will be at Wanderlust Copper all weekend so be sure to sign up for one of her classes and you too will experience the art of flight! 

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