Wanderlust Alchemy: Connection & Transformation

Posted by admin on 4/30/13 in Inspiration

While Wanderlust always produces a fun, action-packed weekend, we also strive to be a powerful place for connection and transformation. Anyone who has ever been to the festival can attest to the potency of the community that 1445 gathers. The confluence of dynamic personalities that make up the fabric of the festival is what makes it unlike any other gathering in the world: a dynamic nexus of artists, speakers, yogis, musicians, artisans, dancers, chefs, teachers, and community-builders that make up a giant family for the duration of the festival.  Connections are made, transformation is sparked, and it seems that getting to the festival is truly just the first part of the adventure: what you do with the journey that lies ahead is up to you.

1446 Have you forged relationships that have stayed with you? What transformative experiences have you had at a Wanderlust event? Did you take on a challenge that changed the way you practice or work? Was an idea born from the scribbles in your journal that spawned a whole new direction for you? We want to hear in the comments below tales of your connection and transformation at Wanderlust.

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