Wanderkind: A Gift from Wanderlust

Posted by Megan Swindro on 7/31/11 in Uncategorized

Question - What's more fun than a room full of yogis at Wanderlust? 
Answer - A room full of yogis aged four to 9 and three quarters at Wanderkind, of course! 

As a volunteer, I've spent several precious hours assisting Om Kids Yoga Truckee to engage over 30 kids in activities and all around merriment onsite here at Wanderlust.

Armed with a lunch, a snack, sunscreen and a water bottle, each child comes to Wanderkind around 9:30 am ready to set up her or his cubby and get a jump-start on the fun.  Saying bye to mom or dad has gotten easier by Day Three, now that they know what to expect.The first arrivals await the rest of the group, busying themselves with coloring sheets of nature scenes and Hindu deities. 

Once the room fills, the kids are guided on a yoga adventure where they “ride their surfboards” in Virabhadrasana I in the warm sunshine of Hawaii and then brace themselves in the snow-covered Artic seated in Sukhasana on the mat that has been transformed into a "sled". Giggles abound as we turn the boys and girls into “yoga sushi” by having them lie at one end of their mat, grabbing a hold of its edge, and rolling themselves into a sushi roll (or burrito)depending on your culinary preference. 

Each day here at Wanderkind is chock-full of yoga-centered arts, crafts and games and visits by special guests who provide henna tattoos, face painting and hula hoping instruction. Witnessing firsthand the smiles on faces upon arrival and having felt the hugs around my knees upon departure, I would highly recommend parents providing your children with this opportunity. As the yoga community bands together for events like Wanderlust, my heart shines in gratitude to the organizers of such a yoga and music festival who support parents' opportunity to practice and acknowledge the next generation of yogis and yoginis in such a special way as Wanderkind. 

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