The Vow Project | Kelly Morris

Posted by Kelly Morris on 5/5/11 in Uncategorized

I recently created The Vow Project to provide aspirants with a creative way to maintain their mental, emotional and spiritual balance and upward trajectory through out the day.

Six times a day, text messages are sent to your phone, reminding you of how to think, speak and act as a holy being.

In addition to Buddhist vows, we recently added Jewish, Christian and yoga 'vows' or advices to the offering, allowing people of all walks to participate and up their game.

ALL proceeds, including initial investment which is not being repaid as the investor waived it, go to supporting The Retreat for Peace happening now at Diamond Mountain in AZ. This retreat is the second of its kind, a 3 year, silent, solitary retreat, and extraordinary and arduous effort that takes a lot of money (food, caretakers who give up jobs for 3 years, a current water emergency, etc). There are about 40 people in, and I hope you can join them too.

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