Vinnie Marino Talks Wanderlust California 2011

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Vinnie Marino, who has been called the "King of Yoga" by the New York Times and "the best rocking' yogi" by LA Weekly sent our bodies soaring at Wanderlust California with his signature rock n' roll vinyasa classes. Over the weekend, Vinnie graced us with arm balances, hip openers, and exhilarating vinyasa flow.

Recently, we had the chance to catch up with Vinnie after Wanderlust California to get his perspective on the event.

To begin, and I know this is a broad question, what were your favorite or most memorable parts of Wanderlust California?

My favorite parts would be attending the Michael Franti concert with my friend Seane Corn, the coconut tapioca from the health food store, and connecting with teachers and students that I don't get to see in Los Angeles

You brought your signature Rock & Roll Vinyasa flow to Wanderlust California, can you tell us more about this style?

I grew up on the rock n roll movement of the 60's and 70's and music has always been a joy spiritual celebration of life for me. Combine that into a yoga practice at Wanderlust and it's our little "Woodstock" revisited but there are less drugs and more vinyasa's! People always email telling me it was one of the highlights of their Wanderlust experience.

I can imagine it would be the highlight, I ended up stopping by a class or two. Did you get a chance to collaborate with any of the other WL musicians or yoga instructors?

I got to share an apartment with Seane Corn and we collaborated over popcorn and cookies at night after our days teaching.

Sharing an apartment with Seane must be fun! My final question Vinnie, like many Wanderlust practitioners that come to learn, what is one lesson that you personally took out of the California experience?

Community, connection to others, and doing our part to stay healthy and happy so we can share with our local community's when we return home. I loved taking classes with other just to stay open and keep learning and sharing

Thanks Vinnie! For more information on Vinnie Marino, click over to his website here.

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