Trust: The Student-Teacher Relationship

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Teaching yoga is a unique opportunity, privilege and responsibility.  Teachers have the chance to guide and help transform the lives of their students, and like any position of great influence and power, they take on great responsibility to make the right choices in guiding their students. 

Join this panel on "TRUST: The Student-Teacher Relationship" of superstar instructors Schuyler Grant, Eoin Finn, Julia McCabe, Chris Chavez, Jason Nemer, Janet Stone, Sianna Sherman and Chris Calarco in their discussion about these responsibilities, how best to define them, and what it means to abide by them.

“One of the interesting things is the unarticulated nature of the yoga teacher – if you’re a psychotherapist or doctor or priest there are very clear boundaries and laws regarding ethical issues.  Like so many things in yoga, it’s much more watery – I’m all for there not being boards and rules, but that we need to police and guide ourselves as a community,” articulates Schuyler Grant about yoga teacher ethics.

2047 The panel reviews different scenarios in which the tenuous balance between teacher/student and friendship gets precarious.  They touch upon topics of all nature - from how to handle the donation of money and gifts, to what defines a caring versus an inappropriate touch, to the possibility of forming a geniune romantic relationship out of the student-teacher relationship.

2045 “There’s a lot of yoga scandals that have been happening, but I’ve seen a lot of beautiful relationships that stemmed from a student-teacher relationship that were navigated skillfully.  Internal compass is the ultimate judge and non-sustainable activities will not sustain,” says Jason Nemer on romance. 

"To navigate both a relationship and a student-teacher relationship at the same time can’t work, they need to be separated,” adds Calarco.

2046 “The teacher’s commitment to their own practice is the ground where it all unfolds,” Sianna Sherman explains, “The responsibility is going to have to come from inside each teacher.  Know your practice and know it clearly, not guessing or halfway showing up.  If you show up fully in yourself then you can make conscious, skillful choices from the ground of being which is love, which is recognition.” 


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