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On Tuesdays, we feature unique Trailblazers in our community who have forged a trail that can inspire other yogis to pursue their own path. Today, we are happy to share this Q&A with Erik Giasson and Genevieve Guerard, founders of Le studio de yoga Wanderlust, located in the heart of Mile-End of Montreal.

Genevieve was a principal dancer with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens until 2006 when she moved to television. After 20 years of classical dance, she found harmony in yoga - a practice that she says allows her to be more present. Similarly, Erik pursued a successful career in the world of finance and became a accomplished triathlete and completed four Ironman competitions.  Today he has found his favorite way to live is through yoga.  Check out their answers to our Trailblazer 5 below and meet them next weekend at Wanderlust Tremblant!

WJ: What aspects of yoga / meditation / spirituality do you bring into your work? 

EG: It has been a huge opening in my life when I discovered we can get lost in our "social roles" and forget our true essence. I bring everyday into my work a sense of "allowing" my teaching to come from a well-balanced, natural space, so that I can only be a simple channel through which the yoga comes and the students are free to experiment with it from their own perspective.

GG: La notion de mindfulness, de présence, est très importante pour moi. J'essaye même de la pratiquer partout! À l'épicerie, en voiture... et même quand je suis stressée (mais ça marche pas toujours:) ). 

2049 WJ: How did you get involved with yoga?
EG: I was an intense sports kind of guy. I did 4 ironman competitions and was leading a stressful business career when I became sick, and then I discovered yoga by chance. It changed my life!
GG: J'ai découvert le yoga après une carrière de 15 ans comme ballerine professionnelle et je suis tombée en amour instantanément! Je ne comprenais pas au début pourquoi le prof nous répétais tout le temps d'inspirer et d'expirer. L'important c'était de faire la posture parfaite non? Comme en danse? :) Le jour où j'ai SAISI ce qu'était le yoga, j'ai compris que j'avais tout abordé à l'envers! Maintenant la pose est bien secondaire.

2048 WJ: What's your favorite pose?
EG: I love going into pincha!
GG: Le compas! Parce que j'étais sûre de n'être jamais capable de la faire quand je la voyais en photo.

WJ: What's feeding your wanderlust today?
EG: A sense of excitement because I just opened Le studio de yoga Wanderlust in Montreal and I can feel the excitement everyday of new people coming to the studio and falling in love with the asana flow we teach, inspired directly from my mentor: Schuyler Grant from the Kula Project in New York!
GG: Love, of course!

2050 WJ: If you could leave one legacy for your community what would it be?
EG: I would love if everybody would get the opportunity in their life to get in touch with what they really are made of inside once they have shed their acquired "role" in society. It is very liberating!
GG: J'aimerais que l'espace du studio Wanderlust qu'on vient d'ouvrir au cœur du Mile End à Montréal continu de croître comme lieu de rassemblement où musiciens et yogis se rencontrent pour tripper!

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