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As we arrive in Whistler for this week's first Canadian festival of the year, it's our pleasure to feature Edmonton-based Rameen Peyrow as our Trailblazer today! Rameen founded SATTVA Yoga, the practice is a state of being, an inspiration and is 1989 the state of balanced mind, so the individual can experience their connection with the divine and the authentic self. SATTVA is the quality that Yogis point their attention towards, making liberation possible. The SATTVA yoga practice was born out of one question, one seat and one mantra. The question is ‘Who Am I,’ the seat is meditation, and the mantra is AUM. We asked Rameen to share his thoughts on our five trailblazer questions so that you might get to know this Wanderlust Whistler teacher (and Speakeasy speaker) before you arrive in BC this week:


WL - What aspects of yoga / meditation / spirituality do you bring into your work? 

RP - For me the practice of yoga and meditation is for the sake of personal &  spiritual development. Everything that I teach in the physical practice of Yoga is for the sake of developing the physical body and the energy of the 1993 body to be able to sit comfortably in meditation with a calm & relaxed mind. 

The essence of my teachings is to bring the individual practitioner to the place of experiencing the sattvic mind. I do this through balancing out the body, the breath and the mind using physical postures, breathing and meditation in a practice is called SATTVA Yoga. Sattva is the quality that Yogis point their attention towards, making liberation possible. 

Self realization or the spiritual journey of every single human being on the planet is what i am most passionate about  when it comes to the practices of yoga. I am so honoured to be a part of Yoga, a practice that directly speaks to the self developing journey.

What is amazing about the spiritual practices of yoga is the body and mind become healthier and stronger which then affects your community and the world in a positive way.


WL - How did you get involved with yoga?

RP - I grew up in a family of meditators and I always had a natural strong pull to sit in meditation like my parents did. At the 1991 age of 5, I would sit with my parents for a few minutes then get distracted and crawl on them; and then one day my father said 'Rameen, today is the day you learn how to meditate'. He taught me a very simple technique. To close my eyes and every time I have a thought, to place my thought on a cloud and watch it float away'. Those few words changed my life forever. From that day onwards, I have had a daily meditation practice and it is my intention to spread the teaching and benefits of meditation to as many people as possible in the world.

When I was a teenager i started hatha yoga, simple postures which a few years later led me to the Ashtanga Yoga practice & several trips to India to practice with Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois. I now practice and teach a method called SATTVA Yoga which uses the guiding principles of body, breath, mind and stillness, the 4 things which inspire me most.


1992 WL - What's your favorite pose?

RP - That's easy...SIDDHASANA. Seated Meditation pose. To me this is the perfect posture or seat.


WL - What's feeding your wanderlust today? 

RP - The journey itself. The journey of yoga and where it takes me. The fact that i have an opportunity to teach yoga and go to different cities and countries. Meditation. Family. Friends. Adventure.


WL - If you could leave one legacy for your community what would it be?

RP - The gift of MEDITATION! To me this is the ultimate way to service ourselves and our communities. The deeper you understand  yourself, the more opportunity you have to understand the person next to you. This understanding leads to greater compassion and willingness to live in harmony. LET YOUR INNER REVOLUTION BEGIN!

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