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Malia Scott co-owns SAY OM YOGA in Southwest Austin, where she teaches group classes, workshops and immersions. In addition to her teaching schedule, she leads yoga + adventure retreats and small group teacher training + personal development and mentorship programs. Inspired by the full spectrum path that yoga offers, Malia's teaches e3 Vinyasa -- rooted in embodiment, energetics and empowerment. She delivers a concoction of vinyasa flow, energetic alignment, inspiration, empowerment, empathy and nurturing with a splash of sass and fierce love. Check out her Facebook, Twitter, website and sign up for her classes at Wanderlust Austin!

WJ: What aspects of yoga / meditation / spirituality do you bring into your work?
MS: I am infatuated with the elements, nature, archetypes and music. I enjoy drawing inspiration from the classical, mystical, shamanic and esoteric teachings and transmit to the best of my ability in a way that is practical and useful for our busy, modern day lives.

2210 WJ: How did you get involved with yoga?
MS: Yoga showed up for me in a time in my life where I needed it most... and continues to be a saving grace in my life to this day. I got involved with yoga because I was seeking a healthy physical outlet in college away from the partying and the social circles. My mat became my sanctuary. My refuge. My first yoga class was a Hatha class and I thought to myself' "Hmmm - I don't know about this, it's kind of boring." Then, I got into Bikram and was hooked instantly. I loved the sweat, challenge and demand of focus. Then, I found my calling and cure all through the system of Vinyasa yoga and am still riding this wave.

2211 WJ: What's your favorite pose?
MS: Interesting question. I am not sure if I have a specific favorite pose. I do have a love for the backbend, arm-balancing and inversion family of asanas though. I'm not the yogini that longs to nail that specific pose. Like a song offers a melody, a beat and great lyrics, I long for the flow and rhythmic pulse that a Vinyasa sequence achieve in balancing strength and flexibility, in body and mind. I love to weave asanas together to create an energetic release and creative expression.

WJ: What's feeding your wanderlust today?
MS: Right now, my wanderlust is being fed by cycling outdoors in nature and paddle yoga. Spending as much time outside as possible.

WJ: If you could leave one legacy for your community what would it be?
MS: Creating opportunity out of difficulty and/or desire. As an entrepreneur and small business co-owner of SAY OM YOGA and SAY OM PADDLE YOGA, I have found that honoring and working with and through challenge is essential for honoring and celebrating the light within and in life - it's where the magic and transformation happens! Follow your dreams with your feet firmly rooted, never assume and forget about expectations!

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