Trailblazer: Jenn Perell

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Jenn Perell is an agent for positive change in this world, passionate about people, the earth, the ocean, and the connections in between. Along with conscious consulting (she co-founded, Jenn is a dynamic vinyasa yoga teacher who loves to bring new experiences to her students. She teaches Stand-up Paddle board yoga on liquid and powerful, Baptiste inspired vinyasa classed on land. Jenn has assisted yoga trainings in Bali, Africa, Mexico and throughout the U.S. and been involved with numerous events, trainings, and fundraising efforts throughout the world including Africa Yoga Project, Yoga Reaches Out, Yoga Aid. You never know your stretch until you reach... Jenn will encourage you to stretch, balance, and reach your potential at Wanderlust O'ahu!

2378 WJ: What aspects of yoga/meditation/spirituality do you bring into your work?
JP: I aspire to bring all of the above into all of my work and my life! It seems counterintuitive to separate yoga from work. Of course, that is easy enough to say as a yoga teacher - where asana, meditation, and a spiritual practice come naturally; however, I like to maintain this focus as a small business owner, as well. While some executives might find it challenging to bring a sense of oneness, mindfulness, and sacred moments at work, I've found that business flows much more smoothly and is more lucrative when we serve from an inclusive, grounded, and authentic space. Tapping into intuition is a key to prosperity in every expression.

WJ: How did you get involved with yoga?
JP: Through a sutra of somewhat haphazard events and wonderfully inspirational yoga teachers.

2380 WJ: What's your favorite pose?
JP: Savasana. (Isn't that everyone's?;)

WJ: What's feeding your wanderlust today?
JP: I'm in Hawaii being fed by the mana of the land and the the sea and the anticipation of teaching yoga on liquid at Wanderlust Oahu 2014!

WJ: If you could leave one legacy for your community what would it be?
JP: Anything is possible.
Focus on the light.
Surf with Spirit.
Drown in delight.

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