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We are already missing our Wanderlust Tremblant family, like today's Trailblazer, Janick Leonard!  Janick was intsrumental in bringing the festival to her hometown of Mont Tremblant: having seen the videos and having perused the Wanderlust website at length, she turned to her partner (Patrick St. Arnaud) and suggested that they try to bring the festival to the picturesque resort town, as she thought it was the perfect location for the introduction of a bilingual festival to our circuit.  Flash forward to August 2013, and that vision became a reality, as we set up our tents for a three-day extravaganza that received such a great response from the East Coast community that it was sold out completely!  We look forward to returning for bigger and better things in 2014 with our new friends in Québec, and we hope you can join us next summer to meet "nos amis". In the meantime, get to know Trailblazer Janick Leonard as she answers our five "Trailblazer" questions!


2092 WLWhat aspects of yoga / meditation / spirituality do you bring into your work? 

JL: When preparing for my classes I always take a few minutes to sit in silence and listen to my heart guru and see what is arising for me at that moment. I believe that we are all connected and that the knowledge I will need to share on that specific day will come to me through my heart as an inspiration. To me yoga has become a spiritual experience and it goes beyond the asana. I always remind my students that the breath is all there is and I infuse my classes with the experience of pranayama, meditation and I teach many ayurvedic practices that connects us with our environment and the seasons . I teach Prana flow yoga which is usually with music and guides students to listen to the wisdom of their body, and my intention is to share the powerful experiences that are possible with only silence and breath.

2090 WL: How did you get involved with yoga?

JL:  I started to practice Hatha yoga in 1999 after 10 years in fashion. I needed something to ground me! After only a couple of years and exploring though ashtanga and hatha I got the teaching call. The asana practice open a new perspective and I got into meditation. I was so in peace while meditating, it became my main practice for about five years. Exploring in meditation three to four hours a day I transformed my human experience totally. Then I became a mom!

2091 WL:  What's your favorite pose?

JL: Sukhasana, do I need to explain why?!!!

WL: What's feeding your wanderlust today? 

JL:  The desire to bring my teachings outside of Mont-Tremblant and Montreal and getting out there to bringing my contribution to more people that are willing and open to transformation. We are at a turning point in our society and I want to get out there and inspire people to live their Dharma. Peace starts inside ourselves, if we can get in touch with our Wanderlust spark, we can achieve something bigger than us.

WL:  If you could leave one legacy for your community what would it be?

JL:  My legacy is to inspire people to connect with their heart guru and find their “Wanderlust spark”. When we are attuned, there can only be good things that comes out the inspirations of our heart!


2094 For Janick, meditation is a pillar that supports a strongly grounded personal practice. She feels very connected to Shiva Rea's teachings in Prana Flow yoga, where the exploration of energetic alignment of the asana is the foundation for embodying the practice.

She is the creator of Yoga of the Seasons and the founder of Yoga Tremblant. You can follow Janick’s regular classes in Mont-Tremblant and Montreal. She offers workshops in French and English when studio owners invite her! You can also connect with her in Jamaica where she will lead a Yoga of the Seasons retreat in April 2014.

Follow Janick's teachings on her "Yoga des Saisons" Facebook page here, and get involved with the local community in Tremblant by following the Yoga Tremblant Facebook page.  

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