Trailblazer: Jaimal Yogis

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1787 Yogi, surfer and adventurer with an unsatiable appetite for exploration, Jaimal Yogis embodies the Wanderlust spirit.  He became obsessed with the ocean as a child and when his family moved from the Azorean islands to landlocked Sacramento, he ran away to Hawaii to follow his lifelong dream of surfing around the globe. His first decade of adventures -- from Buddhist monasteries to snow-covered beaches -- is the subject of Saltwater Buddha, his memoir currently being adapted into a film. Jaimal’s latest book, The Fear Project, is a journalistic investigation into our most primal emotion, in which he describes plunged into the water with great white sharks, surfing waves as tall as four-story buildings, became a guinea pig in some of the world’s most cutting edge neuroscience labs and falling in love!  We are honored to feature this Jaimal as this Tuesday’s Trailblazer!  Check out his short, simple and sweet answers below, and don't miss his Speakeasy talk at Wanderlust Colorado!

WL: How do you integrate yoga and meditation into your work?
JY: I try not to differentiate between writing, meditation, and yoga. If there's no separation between the space around you, your body, the pen, and the paper, then the words have power. When you break that connection, the words lose potency and the story falls apart. 

WL: How did you get involved with yoga?1788
JY: My parents were yogis (how I got the name Jaimal).  I remember doing animal asanas with mom when I was three, but I really got into my own practice when I lived in a Buddhist monastery after high school, then did my yoga teacher training at Mount Madonna. 

WL: What's your favorite pose?
JY: Padmasana, lotus. (I also enjoy surfer pose.)

1790 WL: What's feeding your wanderlust today?
JY: I'm the father of 16-month old. Right now, a trip around the block looking at dogs and flowers is filled with all the wonder of my first trip to the Himalayas. 

WL: If you could leave one legacy for your community what would it be?
JY: I'd appreciate it if the whole world broke into sudden rapturous dance at my funeral.


Jaimal Yogis' Speakeasy at Wanderlust Colorado presented by Firefox.

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