Trailblazer: Erinn Lewis

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Erinn Lewis is one of Austin’s most popular and vibrant teachers who weaves over 5,000 hours of global teaching experience with humor, contemplation, and a dose of good for your soul sweat. Her classes are an adventure packed with yoga mythology, intelligent alignment, artistic expression, mindfulness, and dynamic sequencing. You will leave refreshed with a quiet buzz, a lightened heart and a deeper, sweeter connection to the intuitive place within. She is known for tapping into both the fire and nectar of yoga so that your own light can shine out.  Check out her Wanderlust Austin class schedule, Facebook, and website

2228 WJ: What aspects of yoga/meditation/spirituality do you bring to you work?
EL: The power of laughter, sweat, tears and personal transformation. Weaving mindfulness into Vinyasa, where the breath, intention, and awareness evolve the physical practice to a place of true community and connection to Source. A turning point in my teaching and my personal practice was when I let go of trying to look good, sound cool, and be what others wanted me to be, and instead taught from a place of center, defying the lies that my ego and my fears wanted me to believe. I found my voice. I started sharing bits of myself. I saw students eyes light up and a community has grown around joyful imperfection. A daily reminder that we can live in freedom and possibility, no matter what we've walked through in our past.

2229 WJ: How did you get involved in yoga?
EL: As a child and through my early teens I would spend hours in artistic meditation.  Journaling, listening to music, creating art as an outlet for anger, anxiety, depression, and to ease the varying intensity of an eating disorder. I turned to the physical practice when I was 21. I began to see a side of me I had longed to know. I found strength, grace, courage, and self care, and began a very slow recovery from the isolation of an eating disorder. Yoga brought me into relationship with myself. And when I am out of alignment, yoga shows me the way back.

2230 WJ: What's your favorite pose?
EL: Whatever pose allows me to find my way back from from confusion to clarity. Some days it's the meditation cushion, other days it's a handstand. Most days it's the moments when I snuggle up to my sleeping children. I watch them breathe, kiss their quiet faces, drink them in and love, gratitude and peace wash over me. I am home.

WJ: What's feeding your wanderlust today?
EL: Learning. Reading. Sharing. Mixing Music. Spending time with people who inspire me. It's less about where I am and more about the conversation, connection, and soaking in opportunity for growth and community building.

WJ: If you could leave one legacy for your community what would it be?
EL: My gift would be showing others you can always begin again. That we celebrate one another and lift each other up through community celebration and willingness to grow, heal, and live BIG!

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