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Today's trailblazer is Douglas Drummond, a 5Rhythms® teacher who has been sweating his prayers with the yoga and dance community since he was 19. The 5Rhythms® moving meditation practice, founded by Gabrielle Roth, is near and dear to a few of us here at Wanderlust HQ, and we are thrilled to finally host classes this year at the festival. Douglas is a New York based instructor who has a naturally inspiring presence, and whose DJ skills during class are a force to be reckoned with.  Get to know Doug below and sign up for his classes at Wanderlust Vermont, on Saturday, June 22 or Sunday, June 23. Cover photo above by Gunther Intelmann.

1484 WL - What aspects of yoga / meditation / spirituality do you bring into your work? 

DD - Personally, all aspects of yoga/meditation & spirituality are a path to my innate originality and creativity. For me this is embracing the ‘Divine Intangible’; that which cannot be seen, yet so deeply felt and ingrained as my instinct & intuition.   

Aside from regularly teaching the 5Rhythms® I am employed full-time by the Soho House Group as a manager of their wellness/spa concept called Cowshed. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to create a fully encompassing wellness offering incorporating nutrition, guest lectures, film, spa treatments AND YOGA! Being at service to these arts and sharing them to a highly receptive and active group of people has been a natural call and response.  


1485 WL - How did you get involved with yoga?

DD - My Mother, Anne, has been a key force in introducing me to my spiritual leaders. Specifically in regards to yoga, our family has had the privilege of being closely connected to Mark Whitwell and his practice with Heart of Yoga. I first met Mark when I was 16 years old and have cherished our connection as I’ve matured into an adult. I began teaching Mark’s Heart of Yoga practice 3 years ago.


1486 WL - What's your favorite pose?

DD - My favorite yoga asana is Bhajangasana – I love connecting my body close to the Earth and really tune into the forces that hold me up from behind. I relish the opportunities to call in the support of my ancestors that ‘have my back’ and really permit that shift in weight to lift both my spirits and my heart.


WL - What's feeding your wanderlust today? 

DD - Today is all about Whanau (Family). I have just returned from a beautiful trip to New Orleans for the Jazz Festival where my younger brother had flown in especially from New Zealand. The sheer creativity of culture, traditions, hospitality & embodied joy really sets off my thirst for exploration and appreciation for this diverse world of ours. Gratitude and the ability to share these experiences keeps the cycle flowing. Wanderlust is a beautiful state to share.


1487 WL - If you could leave one legacy for your community what would it be?

DD - A Warriors Coin:
One side (outside)– To be fearless in our ability to express our Light & Shadow in the deepest & wildest way.

The Other (Inside)– To embody how each of us is a bursting heart genius capable of unconditional love, self-intimacy and kindness to all.   

We are in a battle against a monotonic and systematic belief system where we are pressured to be just enough, but somewhere not supported enough to carry us all the way – to ‘break on through’ to the other side. The 5Rhythms(R) is a potent map that can show us ‘a’ way. As Gabrielle Roth would put it; “A Route to the Root”.

It’s all about Love & there’s only one of us here.


To experience a 5Rhythms® class with Doug prior to Wanderlust, check out "Sweat Your Prayers: Elemental" on Saturday May 25th at Jivamukti, or the weekly Thursday class he leads with his partner Lucia Horan at Vira Yoga. Get a sample of the 5Rhythms® flavor in this video below:

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