Trailblazer: Ben Heath

Posted by admin on 11/6/13 in Community

WJ: What aspects of yoga / meditation / spirituality do you bring into your work?
BH: Ultimately I strive to bring all aspects of yoga into my work but first and foremost my mission is to assist people in breaking through the physical restrictions and pain that prevent them from knowing themselves. I believe that through the process of purifying the physical body and balancing the nervous system, that we naturally begin to meditate and engage with our true self. Once we begin the process of purifying our mind and body I believe that our personal expression of spirituality develops and this is part of our gift to the world.

2292 WJ: How did you get involved with yoga?
BH: My amazing and beautiful wife Hilly Flora brought me to yoga. I originally practiced several types of Chinese martial arts and that was my movement and spiritual practice. I worked tirelessly to find my version of perfection within that art form and my life revolved around that. Everything feel into place when I began to practice yoga; it was like I was at home in my body for the first time. From there everything began to align and my life unfolded the way it was always meant to be.

WJ: What's your favorite pose?
BH: I would say savasana. I'm not sure if this is an appropriate answer or not but all other postures lead me to that moment. I work through each posture leading up to savasana in an effort to cleanse my body and reset my nervous system. Savasana to me is that moment of stillness where I surrender to the work I've done and allow it to run its course.

WJ: What's feeding your wanderlust today?
BH: My undying wanderlust comes from a desire to learn as much as I can from the great teachers of the world so that I may know myself.

2293 WJ: If you could leave one legacy for your community what would it be?
BH: Inquire within. I believe that we are here to learn from our experience and inspire others to know themselves. It is from this knowledge of self that our natural state of compassion and kindness develops.

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