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Our featured Trailblazer of the week is Anne Marie Kramer: Wanderlust expert, founder of ZUDA Yoga (recently expanded to three Sacramento locations), and mama to the River man (that's right - she named her adorable son River!)  She’s always a Wanderlust fest favorite, inspiring growth and change with her vibrant, intuitive teaching.  With a degree in Exercise Physiology and 18 years of promoting healthy lifestyles as a trainer and teacher, she brings an exciting dynamic to the yoga community.  Get to know her a little better from our Trailblazing Q&A below and be sure not to miss her classes at Wanderlust California!  

WL: What aspects of yoga / meditation / spirituality do you bring into your work?

AMK:  I co-own three yoga studios in Sacramento, called ZUDA Yoga.  In my world, everything is yoga.  I teach a vigorous vinyasa practice, and connection to the breath is essential at ZUDA.  When I am connected to my breath, I am connected to myself and others.  I feel I learn my biggest lessons from that place.  Meditation is often incorporated in my classes, sometimes right in the middle of a challenging series.  The practice then evolves, right in that moment, to finding stillness/calm in chaos.   I do weave a “spiritual message” into each class.  It’s usually something funny that happened in my day or week.  It has to be fun and interesting… I can link anything back to yoga. 

1521 WL:  How did you get involved with yoga?

AMK:  I started yoga as another way to cross-train at Cleveland Yoga in Cleveland, Ohio.  I used to leave savasana to go for a run.  Slowly but surely, the yoga creeps in, even when you are not looking.  These days, I’m the first one in savasana!

WL:  What's your favorite pose?

AMK:  I love to be upside down, Period!

WL:  What's feeding your wanderlust today? 

AMK:  My life is all Wanderlust, all day because my partner works full time for the festival.  I continue to engage in EVERY festival because it’s literally unavoidable AND its mission lines right up with ZUDA’s mission: to create community through mindful living.  The opportunity to forge new relationships, to explore yoga through different lenses is what feeds my wanderlust, my family, my studios, and my yoga.

1520 WL:  If you could leave one legacy for your community what would it be?

AMK:  Legacy?  Geez, most days I am just trying not to poke someone’s eye out!  In all seriousness, my hope is that people feel a sense of community and connection with each other.  We live in a time where people avoid asking for help. We are brought up to think we can do it all on our own; raise kids, work more than full time, and save the world.  Life is so much brighter when we do this good work together. I created ZUDA as a place for people to call home, where they are reminded every time they are on the mat, that they are not alone.

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