Top 10 Mis-Pronounced Sanskrit Words

Posted by admin on 9/30/13 in Yoga

You fact check your rants before posting to Facebook, and you spell check emails like it's your job, because, well, if it's not your job, then who's job is it?  So, imagine your horror when you find out that you've been sitting in front of your yoga classes, teaching students to align their "chakras", all the while saying the word wrong? Don't let this happen to you.


To spare you any further embarrassment, and to make sure your street cred where Sanskrit is concerned remains sacred, take two minutes to brush up on your Tantric banter with Nicolai Bachman, author of The Language of Yoga:

If you'd like to learn more, have some fun with Nicolai's 108 Sanskrit Flashcards, go deeper and learn to properly pronounce over 200 asana names and 300 Sanskrit terms in The Language of Yoga (which comes with 2 CDs) and peruse his upcoming workshops here.  

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