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Having survived our Squaw Valley Wanderlust Festival (and eager for some semblance of recovery and re-boot), four Wanderlust staffers embark on a three-day juice cleanse courtesy of BluePrintCleanse.  Here, read the trials and tribulations of their experience on this BPC liquid diet.

As a gift to our Wanderlust community who are interested in trying a BluePrintCleanse regimen, BPC has been generous enough to offer a code for you to earn 15% off all BluePrintCleanses and specialty lines of juice. Use code "WANDERBPC" at checkout - the code is valid from today (Thurs Aug 16, 2012) until Sat Aug 18, 2012 at 11:59PM EST. 

Schuyler Grant, Festival Co-Founder


in some ways this is great timing for a cleanse - just off 3 festivals back to back, and my system can definitely use some R&R.  however - not great is the fact that i'm not SO READY for beer and BBQs.  further complicating things is the fact that this skinny assed lady cannot lose any pounds - so while i love the idea of giving my GI a break, I'm going to supplement the cleanse with a few avocados and tablespoons or coconut oil daily.   i'm a big lover of healthy fats.

my pedestrian review of the juices… the green juice is great because it is not too sweet, but i have a strange aversion to celery, which is fairly heavily represented in the 3x daily concoction.  i suspect the hungrier i get, the less i will mind the taste of celery.   the apple mint juice 2 is quite delish - though a tad on the sweet side.  perfect cut with water and with a little ground flax tossed in!  my favorites by far are the spicy lemonade (genius) and the cashew milk (who needs ice cream - or is that just cleanse freak talking?!?)

what made day 1 easy: it is swelteringly hot at our house in CT.  the heat pretty much kills my appetite - during the day anyway.  what made day 1 hard: i found out late morning that it is my 17th wedding anniversary!!  i'm not big for birthdays and anniversaries - but it was absolutely impossible not to celebrate with a small glass of wine.   but still in the land of juice… fermented grape juice.  ?!?!


managed to make it through the day with no supplemental oils - but plan to reoil myself tomorrow.  i love the lineup of the juices in my fridge.  it's very satisfying to the OCD side of my nature.   no real hunger pangs today - which is pretty surprising - UNTIL bedtime, when i stayed up until 1am pining for the pasta that my traitorous family gobbled in front of me for dinner (i also got stuck in a good book, which i was glued to in my newfound juice induced lucidity)   i do love the mental space that cleansing frees up, how much time there is in the day when you're not shopping, cooking, cleaning… if it weren't' for my the gaping mouths on my rug rats - i don't know what i'd do with all the free time!

DAY 3 

i must confess to a small surge of joy as each juice disappeared off the refrigerator shelf, and a future of masticating food looms closer and closer!!!  though there is an amazing diminishing of desire for food however - and I see how people really stop desiring food after a certain point when they cleanse for weeks… but I'm still firmly lodged in the base desires of the body, and breatharianism is a long way off.   the last time i did a cleanse i made the grave mistake of breaking it at one of the Russian all you can eat joints in Bay Ridge.  sick for days.  so i'm resigned to a less than thrilling breakfast of quinoa porridge.   woooohooooo!


Sean Hoess, Festival Co-Founder

After a particularly busy 2 weeks on site at Wanderlust California, I was looking forward to a systemic reboot -- something to undo the last 10 days of excessive wine, little sleep, and high stress.  My girlfriend and I had bought a juicer about 6 months earlier, and had completed one 10 day cleanse using our own off-the-cuff recipes (secret ingredient: ginger) about 4 months earlier.  However, with all the catch-up at work, I was looking forward to something less labor intensive, and there Blueprint didn't disappoint.  Right on time, we received two banker's boxes, each packaged with 3-days of handily labelled juices, a number of cold packs, a custom-branded day pack (for keeping your juices cold when traveling to & from work), and instructions.  The instructions proved to be largely superfluous, as the cleanse couldn't have been easier -- drink your numbered juices in order throughout the day, from breakfast through dinner.  Repeat twice, and you're done.

Winding my way through the first day wasn't tough. The juices all ranged from decent to delicious -- personal faves being the cayenne lemonade and the cashew milk, with the green juice unsurprisingly bringing up the rear.  There's enough of them so that I didn't feel like I was starving, though I wouldn't call them "meal replacements" either -- the cleanse takes some willpower (just not too much).  

One personal dilemma was what to do about my rather severe addiction to caffeine.  After opting out the first day, and experiencing some pretty severe headaches and a whole lot of mental fuzziness, I went back to the neglected instructions and was happy to read that incorrigible addicts were allowed to "cheat" with a half cup of black coffee. I quickly reasoned that, if a a half cup is OK, then a small black coffee must also be ok, and proceeded accordingly.  I have no idea if it reduced the efficacy of the cleanse, but it sure did improve my mental functioning.  

Day 2 wasn't too much more difficult than Day 1, though it's true that the delicious juices are maybe a bit less delicious than on the first day -- except the cashew milk, which remains something I'd buy and drink purely for pleasure.  Maybe with vodka.  Anyway, by the end of the 2nd day I started to notice a clarity in my skin which I had also noticed on my last cleanse.  It's very subtle, and I still can't really explain what exactly is different -- it could be a lack of wine-induced puffiness, or it could be the placebo effect of wanting to see something different in the mirror when you've been denying yourself solid food for two days.  Whatever the case, I was pretty sure I looked healthier.

On day 3 I discovered that it is not wise to engage in strenuous physical activity while on this cleanse.  I'm a tennis addict, and played in the morning on Sunday, but then decided to go hit again when a friend called and invited me.  I played great for the first 15 minutes, but then hit a wall that was so immovable, so physical, that I could barely make it for the full hour.  Just nothing left in the tank.  I suppose that's unsurprising -- think there's only about 1300 or 1400 calories in all 6 juices -- but it was educational.

After I toughed it through tennis, I had some mixed feelings about being done with the cleanse. It's great to be on the last day of a cleanse, but from past experience, you only start to feel good on the third day. I think that I'd do this for longer if I did it again, if only because that feeling of energy and clarity that hits (maybe when your body enters ketosis?) is such an interesting and positive feeling.  When I wrapped the cleanse, I only had some light vegetarian food on the Monday after it ended, figuring that I was extending the benefits a bit.  

All in all, the Blueprint cleanse was a positive experience that was incredibly convenient.  I definitely felt rejuvenated, both because of the cleanse itself and also because the cleanse forces you to lead a healthier, calmer lifestyle (sleep, don't play too much tennis).  If only it would last....

Jodi Blea, Director of Partnerships & Special Projects

I had been planning this cleanse for quite some time and was super excited as it would be my very first. After having fought a nasty poisonous spider bite that I received in Colorado, my body had the residue of multiple anti-biotics, pain killers and a slew of homeopathic meds. Luckily, the homeopath had already restricted me to a gluten, dairy, alcohol, and sugar free diet, in an effort to fight the effects of the bite, so was somewhat prepared and had already eliminated these culprits from by body for about two weeks prior to the cleanse.  


I loved looking at the BluePrint bottles lined-up nicely in my refrigerator. I had already tried many of the juices from the BluePrint Cleanse sampling at Wanderlust California and could not get enough of them!  I particularly love the Green Juice and this particular BluePrint cleanse (Foundation) offered three of these babies per day. Mid-afternoon, with four juices down an only two to go, I started to feel real hunger and was daunted by the fact that I still had two full days to go. I drank a ton of water and tried to get my mind off of the hunger until at last, I got home from work and went directly for the Cashew Milk. The delicious and filling Cashew Milk satisfied my hunger completely. Really. I felt full.  I didn't even need the last Green Juice of the day but I drank it anyway, about an hour or so before bed, in fear of being starved in the a.m. without it.  

DAY 2 

Same pattern as Day 1, but less daunting as the thought of only one more day without food was bearable. Once again, I asked my husband and son to please eat dinner before I got home, but as they were running late, the traitors tempted me with grilled talapia, rice and kale. I stood strong with my Cashew Milk dinner and went to bed feeling accomplished and fulfilled. 


By Day 3, I had really gotten the hang of this thing. The ease of not having to plan or stop for meals was fantastic and my body seemed to adjust to the hunger. I actually had more energy, a clearer mind and had dropped 5 lbs. I felt that I could have even done an extra day, maybe two, but must admit, I was looking forward to eating again. I realized just how much of my 'entertainment' was based around eating and could not wait for a dinner & cocktail at Five Leaves. 


Karina Mackenzie, 
Director Digital Marketing & Speakeasy Producer

Experience with cleanses:  I've done cleanses before (namely Wild Rose cleanse, and sticking to a vegan, no-booze,  no-wheat, no-coffee regimen for ten days, but have never done just juice for multiple days)

Goal in Cleansing: Stay off the sauce, gain a little bit of discipline, reboot after exhaustion of three festivals & going full tilt.

DAY 1 

As expected, Day 1 wasn't too bad.  Choosing to start on a workday made sense, as often it's easy to get so involved in the minutiae of the to do tasks that (for better or worse) it's easy to ignore signals from the stomach.  Of course, even on crazy busy days, there's a point at 3 or 4pm where my body says "Stop! Feed me!".  So I was happy that that point in the day coincided with the Spicy Lemonade, my favorite of the juices.  The spice gave my brain the impression that I was providing it with something a little more challenging than just juice.  It's funny how the cleanse theoretically takes place in your guts, but really is taking place in your brain ;) I skipped Juice #5, just wasn't feeling like I needed it that day - and I was happy to learn that I loved Juice #6, the cashew milk, and it satisfied me until bedtime. Felt a wave of hunger here and there, but nothing that made me want to run for the pizzeria.


It's a Saturday, and unfortunately it holds a lot of work - but we've carved out time for a bike ride later.  So we go three juices deep whilst pecking away at laptops in the morning before heading out to sweat it out in the NYC summer heat.  We bring a juice each for the ride, and I admittedly feel weaker than usual any time we face a headwind or have to peddle my (rather heavy) bike up an incline.  But the sunshine and the exercise feel great, and at least there's no worrying about what to make for dinner ;)  Again, once I get to juice #5, I'm kind of "over" the concept of feeding my body liquid sugar, so I head straight for #6 upon arrival home, replenishing my body with the fats and protein that I can clearly feel it craving.  I wrestle with a few more hunger cravings through the evening, but as I've learned with other cleanses, they pass. it's just learning to cope when that wave of desire for a grilled cheese sandwich arrives. (And why is that suddenly the only thing I'm craving? The hot cheese, the crispy buttery bread... okay, I see why). I go to bed feeling a little depleted, but happy to know there's just one day left.


Again, there's a small mountain of work that needs to get done before and Sunday-ing can begin, which includes a massage I've booked to help with the toxin-removal.  Cue the green juice (which I love, for it's slightly saltier and seems less sweet than the others).  I've also taken to watering down the sweeter juices - I know eventually al the sugar ends up in my body, but it's slightly more palatable going down. Once we are done work (well, that's a misnomer, it's never done!) -- rather, once we've worked up to the point that we will be late for massages, we beetle on bikes down to a new local joint that has the steams and saunas I want to help me sweat out the rest of my unwanted toxins.  The massage is mediocre, but even a mediocre massage is an hour of incredible relaxation I'm grateful for.  It's the steam and sauna action that really makes me sweat, and truthfully, makes me think I'm a little skinnier than I ought to be.  I know the grilled cheeses in my future will aid in correcting that, but for the moment (which is ride home to the bounty of Juice #6), I'm feeling really lean, clear, and in need of that cashew milk!  I guzzle it, again having skipped juice #5, and settle in for the evening, knowing I have that beet juice for cravings.  But of course, I don't crave juice, just hot cheese.  There's a moment or two that I consider "Hey, I've almost made it - I could eat some food right now and it would be the same difference..." But I don't.  I make it to bed, dreaming of avocado toast coming the next morning.

Following days:  It's great to know that solid food is back - but I'm surprised to see that I can only eat one piece of avo toast, when normally two is no problem.  At lunch, I can only get down half of the salad with black beans and avo (although every piece of protein definitely finds it's way onto my fork).  Despite the lack of appetite, though, I feel really great.  I think the combination of the cleanse with the saunas/steam has really helped to clear a lot of unnecessary crap out of my system, and it truly feels like the reboot I needed.  While I'm not sure that a juice-only cleanse is always going to be the right call for me (my metabolism needs a few more solids, fats, and proteins than this cleanse prescribes), having succeeded in following the directions in this case is the real reward:  for me, the goal of the cleanse is really just to practice a little discipline, to learn that mind over matter also applies to what you put in your body, to get a grip on cravings, and to enjoy the heightened senses that come with a fast.  The goal of having grappled with reinstating discipline into my diet while having avoiding the booze, coffee and other acidic material I depend on in stressful times, means I feel really CLEAN.  And that's a great way to feel with just ONE last festival to execute and conquer.

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