Terry McBride: How to Hone 'Perception Intelligence'

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How do you know what's working and what's not?  Terry McBride shares a unique approach to discerning what is effective about an idea, and how to generate new ideas in this interesting Speakeasy lecture from Whister 2012. If you've toyed with the idea of creating a business, or have recognized ways another business could better serve their customers, Terry's lecture offers great insight into how to sharpen an idea and turn it into a reality.

Terry's presentation focused on two main topics: perceptual intelligence and imagination in the opportunity. He used his own experience as the founder of YYoga as a main example. Founded in 2007, YYoga sprang from Terry's vision to have an "all are welcome" approach to yoga, and there are now 8 YYoga branches across the Vancouver area.  YYoga is but one of Terry's many accomplishments, as his first success was the creation of Nettwerk Music Group, which has released over 500 different albums and sold over 150 million albums worldwide since its inception.

2140 Terry began his talk, "Perception Intelligence - Imagination in the Opportunity" by explaining that in order to have natural success, you must have a passion for what you're creating. "I started YYoga because I knew if I could create something that I absolutely loved that I have a passion for, I would then make other people aware of it just through me being passionate about it. I do the same with music - if I love a song, I talk about it. If I just like it, I'm just a fan, I'm not as involved in it."
2139 After deciding to dedicate your work to your passion, Terry's next recommended step is to apply perceptual intelligence, defined as, "Starting with things that are working properly, focusing on the mundane and paying attention to what's not obvious.  Usually when people are looking at creating things, they do the exact opposite: they focus on what's not working." 

"Perceptual intelligence is perceiving something and how far it fits to you, and if it doesn't fit to you somewhere, than you can come with something out of that." He clarified that, "It's [often] something that we do naturally that we don't really think about."

For the rest of Terry's insightful guidance on imagination in the opportunity and creating companies with love, watch the complete lecture in the video above.  


2141 Terry McBride is the current CEO and one of three founders of the Nettwerk Music Group, which includes Nettwerk Productions (Canada’s largest independent record label), Nettwerk Management (artist and producer management), Nettwerk One (publishing), and Artwerks (graphic and fashion design). Founded in McBride's apartment in 1984, Nettwerk has corporate offices in Vancouver, Boston, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Hamburg & London. Since its inception, Nettwerk has released over 500 different albums & sold over 150 million albums worldwide. In 2007, McBride along with his friend and yoga instructor, Lara Kozan, launched a chain of wellness centers called YYoga


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