The Teacher is Everywhere at Wanderlust

Posted by admin on 6/22/12 in Uncategorized

By Jen Jones Kluczkowski

Some of the most well-known spiritual teachers in the country are on these grounds, but I'm also finding teachings in between their teachings...  

My logic told me to dart directly into another class after finishing my second one of the day.  The lineup here is so spectacular, it's easy to feel like you'll miss something by taking a break.  After some more thought, my friends and I decided we deserved a little lunch and relaxation.  So, we grabbed delicious local food and found a random patch of grass under a tree.

During our impromptu picnic, each of us read our notes from classes we'd attended earlier that day.  After reading out loud, we gave our interpretation of the teachings.  "How can we apply these concepts in our own lives?  What are the similarities between all the messages?"  We shared personal experiences and advice, and then we realized an hour and a half had passed by.  There was so much insight, support and love in our satsang, I felt truly grateful to be right there and nowhere else.  

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