Talkin' Shop With The Honey Brothers

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Since it is Friday, its time for some music to get hyped for the weekend (oh yeah, and Christmas this time). I recently had the chance to speak with Andrew Vladeck, guitarist and singer for The Honey Brothers who performed at Wanderlust in 2009 for its inaugural year. Read below as we talk about green initiatives, music festivals, NYC parks, and even showing some love to dolphins.

Andrew, I understand you and The Honey Brothers when you tour try to do it all in a green and non harming way to the Earth. Can you delve into that a little? How do you do it?

Sometimes it ain't easy being green, but it felt good to take several steps in that direction.  On our last West Coast Tour we traveled in a van that ran on bio-diesel.  It simply meant that we had to plan our gas-ups for carefully, since availability was fewer and further between.  We also stayed in green-friendly hotels, that use water more efficiently and renewable energy sources.  In San Francisco we even got a tour of the solar panels farm on the roof of the hotel we stayed in!  Lastly, we tend to use reusable water bottles and shop locally when we can.

What did you find different about playing Wanderlust then playing something like South By Southwest?

Let me see… playing on the top of a gorgeous mountain surrounded by sun and lovely people versus a crowded city with a million bands, industry people, traffic, and crappy hotels 10 miles out of town on the interstate.  Advantage, Wanderlust.

How did The Honey Brothers come together and what are all of your influences?

We came together as a folk song ukulele trio, playing on street corners for laughs and attention from ladies.  That evolved into a rock thing, drawing from all our disparate influences: folk music, Talking Heads, Ween, Cars, Weezer, West African Guitar playing, Caribbean music, indie rock.

The Honey Brothers recently played at The Music Hall of Williamsburg for an Open Space Alliance Benefit. What is your view on what the city is doing for the parks?

The city can't afford to do enough for the parks.  There has been a long-standing and critical tradition of New Yorkers forming foundations and alliances to repair and clean and plant and make things wonderful.

Any collaborations coming? Or any that you would like to do?

We recently got to work with The Bandana Splits and the artist Michael Arthur for our Brooklyn shows.  We hope to work with them again, and in the mean time are having a lot of fun playing with various friends and experimenting.  We'll see what comes of it. 

Tell us all something we (probably) don't know about The Honey Brothers!

We once all kissed the same dolphin.  That still weirds me out.

Haha. PETA would and should be proud. Thank you for your time Andrew!

Here are The Honey Brothers live at Wanderlust in 2009. Have a happy holiday everybody.

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