Studio Spotlight: Vegas HOT!

Posted by admin on 2/6/14 in Yoga

Being a yoga studio and wellness center based in Las Vegas gives us the pleasure to interact with locals and yogis from all over the world.  The relationships that are created between students and the staff of Vegas HOT! allow us to keep open lines of communication with our community, and enables us to learn more about growing health trends from our students. As a studio, it is a goal of ours to keep the Las Vegas area as healthy as possible and up-to-date on upcoming worldwide trends, and Wanderlust Festival is an example of this: a newly-launched gathering place where people convene to celebrate health and wellness.

2469 Over the years, Wanderlust Festival has brought forth an exciting, recurring conversation from all who attend.  Our students would walk through the door - sun-kissed, glowing, and with an air of enlightenment - explaining how they just got back from an amazing, wonderful, life-changing experience.  It was exciting to realize that Vegas HOT! could also be a part of this experience.

This year, when Wanderlust contacted us to becoming a studio partner for Wanderlust O’ahu, we jumped at the opportunity. Spreading health, happiness, and ohana both nationally and internationally, allows Vegas HOT! the chance to be a part of the experience that has inspired so many of our own members. Vegas HOT! is thrilled to be a part of such a passionate movement, and we look forward to spreading the love of what we do across oceans and state lines!

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