Space - The Daily Asana with Elena Brower, Episode 1

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Taking big steps forward in life can be daunting. Often there is a special combination of movements that result in a new capability or balance that suddenly frees you or lets you grow. These could be characterized as currents within the flow of one's being that must be identified, but are not accessible if they are only percieved externally as symbolic. There must be an acceptance and subsequent committment that allows your spirit to rush with a significant energy into a new space or direction, to fill a low-pressure void, or to assume a new shape.

This is how Space works - it is not enough to be aware of the space you want to occupy, you must recieve it, and take it in with vigor. Yoga can be a powerful source of inspiration and help to clarify your outlook on what lays ahead. If you are like most, natural shifts in your being are a relief to the soul but are sometimes long in the making. With breath and intention, allow yourself to make space inside and accept the glory that is rightfully yours along the pathways and cycles of transformation that make you who you are.

Watch Episode 1 of our brand new series, The Daily Asana with Elena Brower - presented by Wanderlust and Adidas, below. As you gear up for a day of new adventures, we hope you'll find some new meaning for your practice.


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