Sianna Sherman & Friends on The Joy of Community (video interview)

Posted by rachel on 7/22/10 in Uncategorized

San Francisco based Anusara teacher, Sianna Sherman meets up with some yogi friends for a beautiful day of community and love in San Francisco.

Join Amanda Giacomini, Shakti Sunfire, Jeremy Simon, Todd Boston and more as they discuss community and service at this pre-Wanderlust gathering.

"It's so easy to forget how just being who we are is one of the greatest acts of service ever, on the planet... A lot of what Wanderlust and the festival spirit has to offer is that people are coming together really authentic, being themselves and in this way serving the entire planet." -Sianna Sherman

Join yoga video blogger Kasey Luber as she embarks on the Give Love Tour, interviewing the teachers and musicians who come together to lead us on our path to Wanderlust.

There's more than one way to serve your planet! Join us at Wanderlust for the Yoga Aid Challenge and find out how you can help raise money for Off the Mat, Into the World with one yoga class.

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