Shiva Rea: Yogini Firekeeper

Posted by Megan Swindro on 7/29/11 in Uncategorized

FIRE on the mountain! Shiva Rea imparted her elemental wisdom to participants at the Wanderlust Festival in Lake Tahoe on Thursday. In the afternoon, Shiva facilitated a yoga class open to Yoga Teachers entitled, "Tending the Sacred Fire".

The “Zuda Up” space buzzed with the anticipation of Shiva's arrival as participants aligned their mats on two opposite sides of the room, facing the space intentionally left open at the center of the room. Shiva's assistants placed several objects in the center of the open aisle. Shiva entered and the room settled. Inviting us to gather around the heart of the room, Shiva transformed it into a sacred space by arranging the last symbolic item among the objects, a candle burning brightly.

Congregating around the newly fashioned altar's flame, Shiva spoke to the circle of Teachers about the four types of fire within us all and their influence on our teaching. To inspire the rigorous asana practice to come, she challenged us to conjure up three qualities each of purification, ignition and sustaining power by posing to ourselves the questions, "what am I dissolving?", "what am I wanting to ignite?" and "what am I hoping to sustain?".

The secret of firekeeping lies within this last question. Shiva revealed that firekeeping is about staying power. I left class ignited by the grace that is Shiva Rea. Later in the evening, I couldn't help but smile as Shiva Rea invoked the powers of her firekeeping amidst the Kirtan with Jai Uttal. Shiva generated an electric energy at the front of the stage, attracting several dancers around her and raising the positive vibration of the crowd. Shiva Rea is a testament of staying power and truly the embodiment of the yogini firekeeper.

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