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If you're dipping your toe into the Wanderlust waters for the first time this summer, we know that the sheer magnitude of things to do at the festival can be overwhelming!  Luckily for you, we've enlisted a Wanderlust expert to help you navigate the schedule: multi-year Wanderlust alum and hooper extraordinaire Shakti Sunfire provides her hit list of "What Not To Miss at Wanderlust." 

Wanderlust Vermont

1263 "Yoga and Horses" ~ I grew up riding in Colorado and in many ways this was my first introduction to yoga... harmony, attunement, deep listening and relationship. Horses have so much they can teach us and what better place to learn than the rolling hills of New England!



"Yogi Revolution, Love is the Solution" with Amanda Giacomini ~ If you are on the East Coast and haven't yet met the radiance that is Amanda Giacomini, this class is for you. Amanda is one of my sisters, an artist, a storyteller and true yogini. Her class is sure to delight you.

"Wanderlust Spectacular" ~ A first in Wanderlust history, we're combining the beauty and aesthetics of alliterative yoga movements like hula hooping, acro yoga, music and dance into one HUGE show! Vermont will kick off the summer for all involved, including MC Yogi, Quixotic, DJ Drez, the YogaSlackers, myself and Acro yogis!

"Arm Balances as a Grounding Practice" with Elena Brower ~ Elena. What more can be said about this one? She's excellent in all things. Funny, witty, down-to-earth, powerful and present. Any class you can take with her will accelerate your practice and make you smile.

Wanderlust Colorado

"Intro to Slackline Yoga" ~ What better place to learn how to walk the link than the mountains of Colorado? The Yoga Slackers blend yoga alignment principles, slacklining and acro yoga in this completely accessible and laughter-filled intro class.

"Beastie Yogi" with MC Yogi and DJ Drez ~ I don't think I need to explain this one. Two AMAZING musicians and yogis who are sure to bring the house down!

1264 "The Art of Play" with Desiree Rumbaugh ~ She's a delight to learn from and to be around. Desiree's deep love and experiential knowledge of yoga in all it's forms is clear in her teaching.


"Walking Between the Worlds - Keys to Ecological Healing" with Jeanine Canty ~ I grew up in Denver/Boulder and living near Naropa University opened my eyes in many ways. There is no doubt that we as a species are growing more and more disconnected from nature and our environment with many ill effects. The time is now to be a part of the change. I won't miss this talk.

Wanderlust California

"Mythic Yoga Flow" with Sianna Sherman ~ Expert storyteller, deep practitioner and activated leader in the community, Sianna Sherman needs to be at the top of your list. A perfect way to start the weekend with a story of Ganesha, you will leave open in body, mind and heart.

"One Hoop One Love" ~ I know I know... tooting my own horn! But seriously, with all the asana happening at this event it is pure JOY to step outside and get into rhythmic flow in the hoop. This class is a fun and full intro to the basics of hoopdance and you will leave having accomplished something you may never have thought possible. See you there!

"Morning Meditation Hike" with Garth Stevenson ~ An annual ritual for me in Tahoe. Join Garth, his cello, and a plethora of mountain wild flowers up on the mountain for a whole body/mind tune-up.

1265 Stand up Paddleboarding ~ An unreal experience on the turquoise waters of Lake Tahoe! It's easy to get caught up in the daily happenings at Wanderlust and never make it to the lake. Get it on your schedule early... it fills fast!

"Rhythmic Vinyasa" with Shiva Rea ~ Do you ever feel like your breath is just working hard to catch up in vinyasa? Shiva expertly guides you through a deep syncing up with the rhythms of nature in living vinyasa.

Wanderlust Whistler

"First Flight" with Jenny Sauer-Klein and Adam Rinder ~ You've seen it, you've maybe tried it once or twice, and now you get to learn it! From two of the experts, learn to fly, to move and to feel free in the air. One of my favorite things to do.

"Fire in the Belly" with Kia Miller and Schuyler Grant ~ As a dancer I often realize just how important the core is - not just physcially, but emotionally as well. These two powerhouse woman have co-created the perfect class to steer us into the heart of passion and personal power.


Big thanks to Shakti for this incredibly helpful guide to navigate the Wanderlust schedule! To keep in the loop (or in the hoop, as the case may be) with all-things-Shakti, be sure to fan her up on Facebook here, and check out her website,



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