See You on the Line in Colorado with the YogaSlackers

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Cat and I found ourselves to be quite in luck while working at the Hanuman Festival in Boulder, CO as our booth just happened to face the extraordinary YogaSlackers set up. Just beyond the solar bubbles and Core Power’s super delicious solar baked chai cookies stood multiple slack lines and some amazing yogis. Our view for the weekend could not have been better, complete with snacks for the show.   

So what is yoga slacklining and who are these YogaSlackers? We just had to find out! As found on the YogaSlackers website, Slackline yoga (or slackasana) is “distilling the art of yogic concentration” while balancing on a 1” piece of webbing lightly tensioned between two trees. Imagine, balancing in tree pose, hovering above ground on a tight rope! Astonishing. And it doesn’t stop (or start) there. The YogaSlackers take any yogic posture and apply it to the line, utilizing all of their yogic breath, balance, and core strength. The team consists of various slackers from all over the U.S. who instruct people of all ages and skill levels on a simple tensioning system to ensure safety and stability in the foundational postures and poses of slacklining.  File 13112

Watching YogaSlacker Jeremy Hasty man the line is truly jaw dropping. His movements are graceful and concentrated, making what one might think of as impossible, possible. After witnessing many first timers try the line we gathered enough courage to give it a go and wow, it is really something else. With clear instructions on basic postures we practiced on the ground first and then were allowed free reign to have at it, finding out very quickly what it really takes. Shaking uncontrollably, even the simplest of movements required maximum core strength and direct intention. Perseverance and patience are key. The endorphin high you feel when you “get it” is what keeps you motivated to try something more challenging and then you just can’t get enough! After we achieved balance in one posture the YogaSlackers encouraged us to add on from there, creating a vinyasa style slackasana. Mind you, our vinyasas were kept knees to line… but we have high hopes for stepping our game up to our feet at Wanderlust Copper Mountain! See you on the line. 




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