Seane Corn's Detox - Thursday Class Review

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Seane Corn's Detox Class - 3:30 - Stratton, VT
By Jen Jones Kluczkowski

Seane Corn inspires me to my core.  She has an unapologetic attitude about combining yoga with activism, and I love it.  Before class began, she requested everyone huddle around so she could share a story, rationale and context for the upcoming "Detox" practice.  It was personal, sincere and a great way to bring the students together.

The sequence she created is designed to heighten the practitioner's awareness of what we put into our body.  "It's not what you eat, it's what's eating you" was a central theme throughout the challenging two-hour vinyasa class. She described that environmental toxins, poor diet and negative emotions can poison, resulting in numerous chronic diseases.  This topic seemed so appropriate for a festival founded on principles of eating well and being green.

Eating a clean diet, buying locally and using natural products is a lifestyle I subscribe whole-heartedly to, so I couldn't wait to experience Seane's interpretation. Standing poses led into twisting as we wrung the toxins from our cells and tissues.  As we inverted, blood flowed and nourished our vital organs.

Throughout the practice, Seane encouraged the students to essentially vote with their purchases every day.  By spending our dollars on organic, local and natural products, we can influence business and politics.  It's a simple act that can truly affect change. 

It was an honor to take this class, and I think everyone left inspired to empower those around them in making decisions that support optimal health for humans and the planet.

The Down-Low on Detox: From Ali Van Putten
It’s about optimal health, not a fad diet. 
The term detox has been overused and abused.  It’s not just about fitting in that dress, it’s about a wholeness of mind, body and spirit and addressing all the parts of your life instead of fixating on one element.  Like a yoga class that takes you from standing to sitting, upside down and twisting side to side, it’s holistic and the whole package.
“It’s not what you’re eating, but what’s eating you.”
So you’re organic and glowing green, keeping your system as pure and clean as possible, it seems to be the recipe for a toxin free ride?  Unfortunately it goes deeper, in our all too often artificial, chemically induced society, unless you’re walking around in space suit; toxins are bound to find their way in.   The key is action and awareness, be vocal about your beliefs (perhaps, you prefer non toxic, cancer causing chemicals in your food and productsJ) and vote with your dollar through the products you buy.
Put down the Poison
Perhaps where we are most toxic, is to ourselves with our thoughts and the feelings we cultivate - - fear, jealousy, anger, stress.  Just as harmful as external toxins, these pollute our minds, imprint on our bodies and damage the way we see ourselves and others.  Just as much as we need a juice cleanse or to support a local farm, we have to make the time to detox our mind and challenge our habitual patterns of thinking - - hmmm Wanderlust seems like just the placeJ.

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