Seane Corn: Yogis for an Enlightened Planet Colorado

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Do you use yoga as a stabilizing practice to find emotional balance? Often times, all we need is a trip to our mats to rid our physical and mental spaces of toxins. Since it is now a commonly­ held belief amongst many of today's leading health care practitioners (like Dr. Mark Hyman) that stress causes illness, yoga's stress­ reducing benefits make it a low­cost and low­ impact method of therapeutic healing during difficult times. In this Speakeasy lecture from Wanderlust Colorado 2012, Seane Corn describes how she uses yoga as emotional therapy and how it saved her life.

2207 "The reason that I focus on my practice is because I operate on a very high level of stress. I'm not an easy going person, I very quickly react to injustice, whether it's appropriate or not.  The physical practice helps me release the tension so I know how to respond from a place of love," Seane explains.

Seane then delves deeper into describing her innate tendencies towards tension, stress and injustice, "I don't know what my karma is, but my mom said I was born angry but didn't have the language to communicate what was upsetting me and that I would get hysterical. I would hit things, I'd do anything to purge the feeling, I developed an obsessive ­compulsive disorder because the big feelings would come up and they'd cause anxiety and I'd need patterns [of expression]."

2208 "Yoga became my way to cleanse myself of the tension and take care of myself. Yoga saved my life, without it, who knows? I could be dead from drugs somewhere."

To learn more Seane's struggle with tension, stress and anger towards injustice and how she found freedom and therapy through her yoga practice, watch the complete speakeasy video.

"I began to see that if I really want to heal an injustice, the first place I need to start is right in here," explains Seane, "Every day I have to ask myself, where am I in my relationships?"

1879 Seane Corn is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher known for her impassioned activism and inspirational style of teaching. A strong and articulate voice for social change, she started her activism work by creating the yoga program for L.A. shelter “Children of the Night”. Since 2006, her work has been focused on training leaders of activism through her co­founded organization Off the Mat, Into the World® and bringing awareness to the HIV/AIDS crisis. To learn more about Off the Mat, check out their website here.

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