Seane Corn Talks Wanderlust Festival 2011 - The Recap

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Recently, we had a chance to talk to Wanderlust yoga instructor Seane Corn about her favorite parts of Wanderlust, Off The Mat's 2012 plans, her classes in Vermont and California, and what she took from the 2011 experience. Read more below!

To begin, and I know this is a broad question, what were your favorite or most memorable parts of the Vermont and California events?
Being in nature and being surrounded by such a diverse mix of people- young and old. People with a lot of yoga experience and very little. People who came for the music but decided to explore the yoga. I loved how high the energy was and how open the students were to the yoga and the experience.

You began Wanderlust Vermont and California by teaching practitioners Detox Flow. Can you tell us more about this class?
This class is about making conscious and responsible choices around everything from how you live and the foods you eat- to what you think and feel, and how that can effect your level of “toxicity”. I utilize tools like asana, breath, meditation and also talk to you about purifying your body and mind, in order to support optimal health. In the class, I focus in on the different “systems” of the body, and use specific asana sequences to cleanse the vital organs, and detoxify the cells, bringing in new oxygen and flushing toxins out. There's three internal components-compression, decompression and twists that are addressed through the sequencing. Plus I talk about making better choices, not only in how you eat, what products to use and how to live, but also reminding you that how you think and feel affect you. What you express or don't express. The resentments, guilt, shame, hatred, self-judgement and jealousy- those are all toxic to us. So, I use this class as a way to help you release those thoughts/feelings, and choose love, truth, forgiveness, grace and self-responsibility instead.

The OTM Challenge went off amazingly in both Vermont and California. Now that those events have passed, what are your future plans with Michael Franti?
Michael has been very supportive of Off the Mat's efforts over the years. And I look forward to supporting him in his work with Power to the Peaceful, as I have in the past. OTM contributes money to his efforts and Michael and I teach a benefit class each year after the concert at PTTP to help raise money. I look forward to helping him with his vision in whatever way I can, especially if it means he and I teaching a class together. Its such a fun, uplifting and inspired experience and I enjoy it as much as the participants seem to. We also hope to go to Bali to his retreat center and offer OTM trainings there.

What are OTM's plans for 2012?
2012 is going to be a really busy year for our team at Off the Mat, and we're already deep in the planning stages for what's ahead. We're launching our 2nd YogaVotes campaign to mobilize the 20 million—and growing like crazy—yoga students across the country to show up at the ballot box in November. This campaign will bring together this already engaged and active community and ask them to make their voices heard and vote for positive social change.

We're also gearing up for our 2nd Empowered Youth Initiative, which serves to support city youth in LA (and, in the future, other urban centers). Through this weeklong immersion, headed up by Hala, the EYI participants learn about the struggles facing inner city, like high profile gang violence, as well as the people and approaches, like yoga and art, that have been effective in empowering and healing at-risk youth.

The other major program we have on the table for next year is our 2013 Global Seva Challenge India, which will shine a light on the sex trafficking industry which is plaguing the nation. This is an issue that's extremely important to me, and I'm thrilled to be committing the resources and structure of our 5th Seva Challenge to it.

My final question Seane, like many Wanderlust practitioners that come to learn, what is one lesson that you personally took out of the Vermont and California experience?
In Tahoe, there was a class that I was scheduled to teach, that once I saw the venue, I thought, was going to be really hard and maybe inappropriate for the environment (Yoga For a Broken Heart). I thought the theme too reflective and somber, and second-guessed my decision to schedule it in. I was very apprehensive before class and was surprised to see almost 500 people there. And many of them sharing so openly and honestly- their experience around grief, and even though there were so many people in the space- the dialouge was intimate and heart-felt as it would be if there were 50 people. The class was very unifying and a reminder that when given the opportunity, regardless of the setting, people, when inspired, will speak from their heart and willingly share their soul. The lesson I walked away with is at Wanderlust, although people to have a good time and celebrate, they were also more than willing to be vulnerable, go within and to reflect on both the light and the dark aspects of life, as unified and blessed.

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