Rod Stryker: Importance of Tradition in Yoga

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"The role of tradition in yoga is hard to speak about because it's something that [one] talks about in certain, practical terms, but there's really also a rational for why it's valuable to have ties to something ancient, to have links to something that has true roots.  The tradition is the practical and rational side, but then there's also the unpragmatic side, the mystery."

1195 Rod Stryker teaching at Wanderlust California 2012 (photo courtesy ParaYoga Facebook page)

Thus begins Rod Stryker (of ParaYoga) in his Speakeasy talk entitled, "Tradition: Modern Yoga’s Missing Treasure or Obsolete Relic?" He explains how the sacred teachings of yoga have thrived from time immemorial thanks entirely on lineage: the unique relationship between master and student. Yet, modern yoga is practically devoid of it. Why was this ancient paradigm for study considered so precious? Moreover, can the most elevated understanding of yoga (in the modern age) be realized without it?  Watch his Speakeasy in full below:

"Tradition is so valuable because it is time-tested knowledge.  It's knowledge that's been handed down from generation to generation.  And over time that methodology builds up a kind of spiritual force in it through these successful practitioners doing it.  We [may] innovate, but a lot of our innovation isn't steeped in the wisdom that has been time-tested.  You can find individuals who have attained spontaneously, but they can't teach it.  Only teachers who have been schooled in a systematic approach can then disseminate that systematic approach to others.  That's the heart of what tradition means."

1196 Rod Stryker teaching (photo courtesy ParaYoga Facebook page)

Rod Stryker joined us in Colorado for this Speakeasy talk in July of 2012, and he will return to Wanderlust in 2013 at both Wanderlust California and Wanderlust Whistler (where he will join us in the Speakeasy). Rod is the founder of ParaYoga and the author of The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom. Rod is widely recognized as one of the West's leading authorities on yoga, Tantra, and meditation. His teaching weaves a profound breadth of knowledge and experience, along with his unique ability to make the deepest of the ancient teachings accessible to students of all levels. Rod has taught for more than 30 years and leads retreats, workshops, and ParaYoga Master trainings worldwide.

1197 Rod Stryker teaching (photo courtesy ParaYoga Facebook page)

Wanderlust Festival is indebted to Hay House who helped us realize the entire 2012 Speakeasy Lecture Series across all four festivals (Stratton, VT in June 2012; Copper Mountain, CO in July; Squaw Valley, CA in late July; and Whistler, BC, Canada in August). With Hay House's amazing roster of speakers (which you can witness in person at their incredible "I Can Do It" events), it's no wonder that they helped elevate the conversation at Wanderlust's Speakeasy this past summer. We encourage you to stay tuned to the Hay House FB feed to make sure you know the next time one of their authors is speaking near you. 

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