Rockstar (Yoga) Practice

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I teach workshops called “Rockstar Yoga Practice”. I think that “being a rockstar” is something that we can all tap into via our yoga practice. I tell my students that it does not mean Rockstar in the “ego-driven-look-at-me sense” but speaks to something much deeper at the core of our being. Always I remind them, like my good friends Brock and Krista Cahill say, that this is a Yoga practice, not a yoga performance; the goal is simply to practice - the process, not the product. 

The Tibetan Buddhists call the human body the great vehicle, the instrument for enlightenment, and our Yoga practice is our own way to tune up our instrument! We have all gone to concerts and watched our favorite musician totally shredding an unbelievable guitar solo, or you hear about professional athletes who become “in the zone” while in the middle of a big game, and it all comes from the same source, a source that we as Yoga practioners must seek to enter every time we step on the mat. It is about getting our self to that special place, finding that union and connection with the Self…not the small ego self but the BIG SELF – our true being, in harmony with our body, mind, and sprit…this is our true nature. Harnessing that energy and living our lives from this place enables us to perform at the best of our ability, to harmonize with the vibrations of our core being and realize our full potential!

These “rockstars” are able to go up there on the stage and just unleash the most amazing music, and they are able to do this through constant practice and non-attachment. Through practice they have been able to bring themselves into union with their instrument, lets say the guitar, by learning the chords and learning how to strum it correctly. When it comes time to perform they are able to freely noodle and improvise with their instruments and strike the most amazing harmonies because they are not attached to any specific outcome or following any set pattern, they are freely flowing with their own creative energy through their instruments, there is a divine connection between the two….and this is what we do in our Yoga Practice!! 

Our body is our instrument, and our strings are our internal energy channels, or nadis. First we learn the chords, poses like Trikonasana for example, and we learn how to strum our instrument with our breath. With each cycle of inhalation and exhalation we explore our inner winds and see what blockages, what stress, what openness we have within as we attempt to tune up our instrument and bring it into harmony. Over time we begin to master the chords and when we breathe we are able to unleash beautiful music within. Overtime we learn to link several poses with the breath, each one creating its own beautiful vibrations. With practice and determination we are able to get past all of the fluctuations of the mind (Yoga Sutra I.ii) and come into that sacred place, and freely flow with our instrument, consciously navigating our way through the internal and the external…and it is from this place where all of the magic happens - THIS IS WHERE WE ROCK OUT and live our lives open and receptive to the vast abundance that is our true nature!

I think that this is an experience that we have all had, perhaps during our yoga practice or while playing an instrument, but maybe during some other creative activity like painting or drawing, or maybe while dancing or riding a bike on a beautiful day. It is that experience of “whoa man” when the mind shuts up and you are just totally there, present, and fully flowing in the moment. I actually think that I may have first had this experience back in 8th grade dancing my ass off at my first Phish concert, just totally losing myself in the music! That is what gets me so excited about this year's Wanderlust Festival. When we take the beautiful setting of Lake Tahoe, combine it with the world's top yoga teachers and some of the most amazing and conscious musicians and DJ's on the planet, and add in thousands of socio-envio-fun-loving-beautifully conscious fans and concert goers, I think that we that we all might just be able to save the world – that or spontaneously combust all at once from all of the amazing energy going around! It is so beautiful to be able to share in an experience like this with people from all around the planet, and I cannot wait to hug all of you! Until then, ground down, open up, draw in, and radiate out the Rockstar within!



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