Rochelle Ballard: The Synchronicity of Surf & Yoga

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"To find that flow of breath and movement not only in surfing, but in yoga, is so important because if you're doing it without breath, if you're trying, if your effort is there then your ego is there, then it's a struggle!"

In this Speakeasy talk from Wanderlust O'ahu 2013, hear Pro Surfer and founder of "Surf into Yoga", Rochelle Ballard, describe how her passion for surfing lead her to wellness. 
In this talk entitled, "The Synchronicity of Surf & Yoga", she describes how surfing is the well of youth and oneness with mother ocean, breath and movement.

Rochelle knows first-hand how yoga brings us closer to our breath and the elements that are within and around us: "Both are a dance with the elements and makes us more sensitive to the source of divinity."  She describes from an athlete's perspective how she gets to a place where thought and effort don't exist: everything is light, easy, comes naturally and enjoyment is the key feeling inside.  Rochelle's inspiration in surfing yoga, bodywork and wellness is to release old injuries, pain, and unwanted patterns in the body that are limiting so that she can live in flow.  

"What I've learned through it is that connective tissue is what wraps the whole body, and it's where the dynamic movement is, but it's also where the issues are in the tissues: the behaviour patterns that can be limiting or they can be light and exhilarating and really dynamic.  So whatever it is that we're doing with our life, if we're sitting a lot, and you go to get up and move, it takes a little bit more time if we've been sitting on the computer for a long time and all of a sudden your body goes into fight or flight.  It's the soaz, the back muscles, the QL: these are our breathing muscles, and the more that we can use those as support, then they're going to work for us, rather than support us in fight or flight. So the more that you move with your breath, embracing contraction to release the action that's limiting, then you're able to find that place of lightness. Watch an athlete who moves with lightness: they have habitual pattterning behaviors that allow them to move with techincal grace.  They feel that present moment and they are good at lightening up on themselves, as well."

Learn more about her yogic and surfing pursuits on her website, Surf Into Yoga. 
Wanderlust Festival is grateful to Turtle Bay Resort and Surfer, the Bar for their involvement and co-production in the Speakeasy lecture series at Wanderlust O'ahu.  Join us back on the North Shore in 2014, when we will play host to another fantastic Speakeasy series featuing talks from local legends... and moby.

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