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Our first foray as yoga photographers, the Tinywater team learned a lot! Still recovering from a whole weekend of Wanderlusting and wishing we were there again at the beautiful Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe. As first timers at a yoga festival, we learned so much about the culture and lifestyle and walked away with meaningful life lessons from so many inspiring teachers. Grateful to have been there to observe and photograph the event and meet such wonderful people. We had 4 days of intensive yoga photography to sharpen and hone our photojournalism skills, from indoor rooms to huge outdoor tents, from morning to evening - we learned a lot about lighting and photographing yoga. We were amazed by the spirit of Shiva Rea, the gentleness of Baron Baptise, the effervescence of Kia Miller and the charismatic kindness of Duncan Wong. We thank everyone that was there, the whole Wanderlust staff and organizers, for giving us the amazing chance to be staff photographers and look forward to Wanderlust 2011. For your visual pleasure, our entire Wandelust photo collection is available on our Smugmug Website. Be sure to sure to share with your friends and on Facebook. And just to share, here are some of our favorite Wanderlust photos that have not been seen on Facebook or the Wanderlust blog. best yoga photographer The first thing we saw at the yoga classes were the beautiful repetition of shapes and the striking color. It's amazing how everyone can be one spirit together. top san francisco yoga photographer Yoga can be so relaxing that it's like a day at the beach. We totally love her yoga mat too! How fitting! yoga photographer takes photos at lake tahoe yoga festival The amazing Squaw Valley mountains served as the perfect backdrop for the outdoor yoga venus such as the one at the Pulse.

photo of father and daughter doing yoga together

We loved this heartwarming shot of this adorable duo, father and daughter doing yoga together. It's a family event!

san francisco yoga photographer takes photos of concert goers

Happy yoga and music attendees everywhere feeling the love and mountain air!

black and white photo of women doing yoga t a yoga festival

photo of a shadow of a woman doing a yoga handstand

One of our favorite shadow shots of the festival. We were conceptualizing this shot in our head all weekend!

photo of yoga position as woman does yoga in lake tahoe

This is what yoga is about right? Surrender, grace, trust and serenity.

yoga photo of shiva rea teaching yoga in lake tahoe

We love this photo of Shiva teaching. She dedicates so much energy and passion into teaching and chooses to lead the class from within the center of her circle. Such amazing energy!

photo of moby at yoga festival

I love this great one of Moby Dan got of Moby at his acoustic set on Saturday.

photo of moby's guitar

Another great one of Moby by Daniel.

photo of duncan wong

Thanks to Duncan Wong for posing for us high on top of the mountain. A quick 5 minutes before his class started and we got quite a few iconic shots. This is one of our favorites!

photo of anunsara yoga pose

This remains one of our favorites of the whole weekend, and also one of the most commented photos on the Wanderlust Facebook page with some asking to purchase a print of the photo. Such grace and balance.

To view more photos from the whole event, be sure to head on over to the Tinywater Smugmug Website. Drop us a line and say hi. Tell us your wonderful Wanderlust experiece.

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all the amazing people at Wanderlust and we hope to see you again in action soon.

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