Partner Studio Profile: Lotus House of Yoga

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Mary Clare Sweet is the owner of Lotus House of Yoga studio and boutique, located in the beautiful OMaha Nebraska. Energetic vibrations of fun run deep in her veins and she has infected her teaching staff and students with her overwhelming love of yoga. The studio offers dynamic Vinyasa style classes combining music, fluid movement, breath and loving energy. Our studio is a second home for many and a blissful experience for all. We have been honored to host many guest teachers such as Simon Park, Brock and Krista Cahill, Gina Caputo and Sarah Tomson Beyer.

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We are inspired to spread the love and gratitude that we feel each day to the Omaha community and beyond, just like a ripple effect. We are so excited to be a partner studio with Wanderlust Copper Mountain this year because we feel that life is meant to be celebrated and that is what Wanderlust is, “an ecstatic celebration.” As a studio we strive to create awareness towards a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle and Wanderlust does just that by bringing like-minded people together to practice yoga, eat healthy, be green and enjoy. Wanderlust 2012 here we come!

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