Partner Studio Profile: Balanced Yoga

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Balanced Yoga has been called “New Haven’s hottest new yoga studio" and you will find we are not just another “hot yoga” experience. We offer a nurturing environment where, through a number of different yogic practices ranging from hot vinyasa to cooling yin, students at all levels can discover the mental and physical benefits of holding and flowing poses. We recognize that each student who comes to us is in a different place. There is no “right” or “wrong” in our studio. There is no “competition” in our studio. There is only a shared desire to help find greater awareness of our true selves. File 12643Our hope is that by cultivating awareness through disciplined breathing and precise movement, you will leave our studio feeling healthier, happier and inspired. Our goal is that you will also discover the power of yoga to cleanse your mind so it will shine like a diamond. Above all, as the ancient Sanskrit greeting suggests, we honor the spirit and sacredness of all who come to study with us. Namaste.

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