Pancha Ganapati Begins Today

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Today through December 25th is the Hindu celebration called Pancha Ganapati which is a Winter Solstice celebration that celebrates the Lord Ganesha, the five faced Maha Ganapati. Today is Golden Yellow, which is to create a vibration of love and harmony among immediate family members. If you are celebrating, sit with your family, ask for forgiveness if needed, and speak good of each other. This festival is important because it brings a new beginning and mending of all past mistakes.

The days that follow are:

Royal Blue (December 22) - to create a vibration of love and harmony among neighbors.

Ruby Red (December 23) - to create a vibration of love and harmony among business associates.

Emerald Green (December 24) - this is to draw forth the vibration of joy and harmony that comes from music, art, drama, and the dance.

Brilliant Orange (December 25) - the final day is to bring forth love and harmony from within all three worlds.

Many families who celebrate this create a shrine of Lord Ganesha in their living room using five colors; yellow, blue, red, green, and orange to symbolize His five shaktis.

Everyday children will prepare and present a tray full of sweets to Lord Ganapati and chants are sung in his praise. Gifts are given to the children by their parents, but they need not to be extravagant or expensive, but more-so within the means of each family because Ganesha does not want gift giving to promote Western commercialism, but to further the Hindu culture.

Is this similar to the way you celebrate Christmas? You have the tree (a shrine), treats, and food.

Here is a song from MC Yogi to celebrate Lord Ganesha.

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