Organic Nation's Official Wanderlust Cocktail

Posted by rachel on 7/30/10 in Uncategorized

We're pround to partner with Organic Nation Spirits to bring you the finest refreshing elixers to the Pulse Bar, Friday-Sunday.


Official Wanderlust Cocktails
feature Organic Nation Spirits, hand crafted in Oregon

Choose Your Spirit:
Organic Vodka
Organic Gin

"The Mules" - Get nostalgic with these classic cocktails.
Ginger brew, lime, mint

"The Seltzers" - Put the spirit on a pedestal.
Seltzer, cucumber

"The Tonics" - Recharge, rejuvenate, refresh with this herb loaded cure-all. 
Tonic, rosemary, lime, bitters

Cocktails are $8

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