Not an End, But a Beautiful Continuation - Wanderlust California!

Posted by Hannah Bechard on 8/2/11 in Uncategorized

I hope travels have been safe, and that along with your luggage, you are carrying with you the community and collective thought that IS Wanderlust. Its funny, and normal to leave such a beautiful gathering of like-minded people, and find yourself getting a little lost, and sucked into what is 'the stream'. The stream of energy held in our upper chest, thoughts jumbled up in our minds, and a drishti that is ultimately created through excessive thought in an exhausted mind. So while this Wanderlust experience is still fresh in our souls: let's create our own continuation of positive thought, beautiful energy, honest communication, and genuine love to all.

Having been planted in Minneapolis in my travels back to Maine, I noticed how the knowledge I've acquired was subject to this hectic Earth. This realization was similar to when you suddenly remember at 17 when your friend telling you that they had a Helicopter in their basement: light bulb goes off and you say, "Wait a a ranch house, that helicopter would have been a tight squeeze". Today, as I missed flights and started to get flighty myself, I said to myself, "Wait a minute...I am supposed to be experiencing this," breath and acknowledgement kicked in. And obviously I want to be home, and airports are a pain in the ass sometimes, but acknowledging it and moving forth is experiencing it positively. Easier to digest.

Thank you to all who taught, performed, volunteered, attended, prepared food, shared their art, shared them, laughed, and loved. This world is small, which is a blessed thing. You are all in my heart, and I feel so nourished from this experience. Follow your spirit, paint with all the colors of the wind, eat, pray, and love. I will leave you with one of my favorite philosphers in your transition to home-life: Winnie the Pooh: "“If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.”

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