New Year, New Resolutions

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With New Years Eve tomorrow night, we left you off yesterday asking; what is your resolution? We didn't get too many responses, so we wanted to give you some examples of other peoples resolutions. Today, we have hand picked some really funny and some not so funny videos of New Years resolutions.


First lets start it off with a New Years #Fail. Here is the Chinese New Year of 2010. Watch the tiger dance, it actually is incredible until the #fail happens.


Here we have the Candidates' New Years Resolutions from 2007. You just want to cry a little when Senator Edwards comes on (cough cough). We have to say Obama's was the most honest when he leads it off saying "I want to be a better father and a better husband. I want to remind myself that this is not about me, what I am doing today."


Now is a not so hokey jokey resolution, besides the fact that its from a daytime TV show. This is a resolution to get healthier and how to do it. Watch for some foodie insider info.


For our sports enthusiasts, here is baseball analyst Jim Bowden's resolutions for other baseball managers, players, and owners. His stabs at baseball scandal are pretty funny, even if you aren't so into sports.


And finally, here are the resolutions we just could not stop laughing at. We have Will Ferrell, Dr. Ken (yes, from The Hangover), Danny McBride (from Eastbound And Down), Mila Kunis, Fergie, James Franco (127 Hours), and Ed Helms (The Office) finishing it off.


And me? My New Year's Resolution? Ill tell you real quick, since it could get long. Ever since I started at Wanderlust I have been surrounded by inspiring health, wellness, and good virtue and that is exactly my resolution. This is the time where I stop smoking, stop eating so poorly, start exercising more, and give back more to my community whether its the general office kula or people on the street.

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