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Yoga is a wonderful meditation exercise that can be incorporated into the various aspects of our lives. Many people first begin to explore their practice in a studio, focusing on the physical postures and enhancing their understanding of connecting mind, body, and breath. However, as we begin to deepen our relationship with ourselves through yoga, we inevitably deepen our relationship with the world around us. We realize that the same mindful approach we bring to our yoga mat can be applied anywhere and can help us find the inner peace we seek.

 File 12782As nature loving yogis, we have found that in just the same way we connect our mind, body and breath in a yoga studio, we can connect ourselves with nature. All we need to do is take our practice with us. Enjoying nature in its pure state without trying to change it is a very powerful way to find freedom and peace. By staying present and mindful when feeling the sun’s magnificent rays on our skin or hiking through a forest, we can find a greater intimacy within ourselves and open up to the spiritual insight and tranquility that surrounds us.

In today’s world, it is all too easy to walk around with blinders on, even in the midst of beauty. Both yoga and nature teach us to search beyond what occupies our mind, connect to our breath, and open our eyes. With eyes wide open, astonishing truths can be found in the simplest of places. The next time you go outside, take a moment to become aware of the natural beauty. With a deep inhale, feel the sensation of fresh air in your lungs and allow it to cleanse your body. Acknowledge the positive forces at work around you and be grateful, for each moment is a gift. That is why we call it the present. 

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Nicole & Cat are two of a kind. While these two wonder seeking yogis are currently Denver-based, more often than not you’ll find them rolling up their travel Manduka’s and hitting the open road looking for adventure. Their mission is simple: to find beauty & bliss wherever they go. Their hope is to share with others their passionate views on a healthy lifestyle, love of the outdoors, and the importance of a meditation & yoga practice. It’s been said that many a day in Nicole & Cat’s shoes is a ‘perfect day'.

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