Nancy Kate Williams: The Sun Worshipper

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Swooping back into OmTime yoga, we just can’t seem to get enough of those ladies! We waved hello to Shannon Paige Schneider, but this time it was Nancy Kate Williams leading the show. And what a beautiful show at that. Please forgive the Dumb & Dumber reference to compare something far more magical than Jim Carey road tripping in a doggie adorned van but; “Pretty bird, Pretty, pretty bird” is the thought that kept running through my mind as I danced gracefully on my mat, strategically placing myself right next to the stereo, for the next hour. Maybe it’s because Nancy Kate, in the flesh, is in fact a pretty bird a pretty, pretty bird. Or a combination of that with the way that she had us slowly flowing through the poses almost mystically, powerfully, consciously: a conscious flow. Her students were a tribe of magical, mythical birdlike creatures. With her as our guide, we surrendered and allowed ourselves to flow freely with the music, thoughtfully, spreading our limbs as if they were wings floating us into perfect alignment. Her sequences exuded beauty, a beauty full of strength and power. Everything, of course, added up when Nancy Kate brought us to the very fitting peak pose of “dragonfly” a powerful, challenging arm balance, expressing a magical winged creature.     

Born and breed in sweet home Alabama. Nancy Kate was always the energetic, active little gymnast girl running around screaming “look at me mom, look at this!” as she flipped herself upside down & inside out. So it only made sense that her mother would send her a yoga mat and DVD after her move to Colorado. This allowed her to continue to flip herself upside down & inside out but this time a little more mindfully. After developing a strong home practice Nancy Kate decided to delve a little deeper and set off to the Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park. This was the beginning of the end. Quite the pivotal point in her yoga career; this is where she met Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini, her beloved teachers, and the rest is history. Over the next 4 years she went through 5 trainings between Maui & California learning asana with Nicki and Eddie.  Also, travelling far and wide experiencing the essence of yoga through her Sivananda trainings. She was in it to win it. And win it she has, Nancy teaches at 4 studios in Boulder, CO over 13 classes a week. If you are in the area swoop in and learn to spread your wings in one of her magical classes.  

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Off the Mat Need to Knows: Nancy Kate Williams

• she’s been to over 130 Widespread Panic shows

• she loves to travel… especially to the beach

• she coins herself a ‘sun worshipper’

• her ideal times to teach are 12 & 4

• she drinks warm lemon water each morning

• she has perfect skin

• she’s got herself a real catch of a boyfriend, Tilo 

• her other passion is listening to live music

Nancy Kate, is looking forward to the live music at Wanderlust almost as much as we are looking forward to her classes! She will be teaching 4 classes at Wanderlust Copper Mtn. 2012. A Chakra Vinyasa class, a Sustainability Yoga class, a Connecting to your Inner Strength and Wisdom class & joint class with Shannon Paige Schneider, this one includes live music… obvi!  Oh did we mention her massage therapist friend will be giving her adjustments? If your and adjustment junkie, like us, you won’t wanna miss out on adjustments from those magical hands. We know where we’ll be, do you?

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