Meggan Watterson: How to Own Your Truth

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The truest source of love is found within. "I came to this place where I really understood that I needed to own my truth, that my truth was mine. No one else was ever going to do that for me."


Meggan Watterson has been compelled to connect with this love her entire life - at age ten, she marched out of her church. With the acuity that the very young possess, she knew something tremendously crucial was missing: the voices of women. This pursuit led her to pursue both Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and a Masters of Divinity from Columbia University. Meggan believes that being spiritual is simply about stripping down to the truth of who we really are, and she goes into depth by sharing her highly personal journey in this Speakeasy from Wanderust Stratton entitled, “Getting Spiritually Naked” (click player below to view).

"Being spiritual wasn't something I needed to learn, to put on, to figure out. Being spiritual was just remembering who I am. Being spiritual was just a process of being able to claim the love that I am and know that I am in my core, and simply be it. Nothing more." 

"My path cannot separate my body from the divine in any way, my path is to be as at home in my soul as I am in my skin."


Meggan Watterson is a spiritual mentor, speaker, and scholar of the divine feminine who inspires women to live from the audacity and authenticity of the voice of their soul. She is the founder of the REDLADIES, a spiritual community that encourages women to reclaim their bodies as sacred and to be led by the soul-voice inside them without compromise or apology. (Some break bread together, REDLADIES break dark chocolate.) She also founded REVEAL, an event that gathers together the fiery voices of women's spirituality. She has her Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and a Masters of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary. Her work has been featured in media such as The New York Times, StyleSubstanceSoul, and Follow her on Facebook here and twitter here. If her talk on "Getting Spiritually Naked" resonates with you, you will definitely want to pick up a copy of her new book, "Reveal: A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked", now available online here.

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