Meditation: Impossible

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Not for long. That’s right, there is still a hope for finding inner peace, and a sense of balance in this chaotic world. Yes, even for those of us average Joe’s whom you will not find sitting with pretzel legs at an ashram in India. Guided meditation. It’s like a crutch for those whose meditation legs are not strong enough to walk yet. This type of meditation can be practiced anywhere.  We are able to calm the mind through breath-work techniques and the repetition of simple mantras. Here is an example that we urge you to try the next time you’re feeling a little under par.   

Ho’oponopono:  A meditation to keep in your pocket. When no one is looking you can pull it out for a quick fix. Simple. Beautiful. Powerful. Ho’oponopono is a healing meditation for the self, originating as an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Practicing this mantra will bring us relief from the effects of our own negative actions. This simple mantra holds you accountable for your end of the bargain. We all know we have no control over others, by asking for forgiveness for our own wrong doings we obtain the power to heal relationships,  clean up sticky situations or just find that inner peace in unsettling times. And all of this can be yours without ever walking into a yoga studio or attempting to cross one leg on top of the other.

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By repeating the mantra:

“I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

Thank you.” 

Silently in your mind. Relief will come, love and forgiveness will begin to raditate from your being, the people that surround you will bask in your rays of positivity. Believe me those positive vibes are more contagious than strep throat. So spread the love. Practice Ho’oponopono and save the Ashram in India for when you are feeling up to more of a challenge.  


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