MC Yogi on Japa Meditation / Mantra (video interview)

Posted by rachel on 7/21/10 in Uncategorized

On her 2nd stop on the Give Love Tour, Kasey talks with renowned yogi rapper M.C. Yogi. What you may not know is that on top of being one of our favorite musicians, he is also a yoga and meditaion teacher! In this video MC Yogi leads us on a simple Japa meditation using a mala and repetition of mantra. Watch to learn how repetition can calm the mind and open the heart, as MC Yogi teaches us a mantra to Hindu god Ganesh, the remover of obstacles.

Join yoga video blogger Kasey Luber as she embarks on the Give Love Tour, interviewing the teachers and musicians who come together to lead us on our path to Wanderlust.

Join us at Wanderlust for the Yoga Aid Challenge and find out how you can help raise money for Off the Mat, Into the World with one yoga class.

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