Off The Mat and Into The World: Be The Change

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Kerri Kelly & Suzanne Sterling 
Thursday, 8am 

Blog by Jenny Sansouci 

652 This was my first class to kick off the Wanderlust experience, and what a perfect way to do it. I stumbled into this class accidentally, and I'm so glad I did. I walked by it just as it was about to start - it was an outside class overlooking the beautiful mountains, there was a cool breeze blowing, live music playing-- andI decided to just put my mat down and join.

The class was taught by Kerri Kelly and Suzanne Sterling from Off The Mat Into The World, and they focused on bringing what we learn in yoga class into our lives - and therefore being a strong force for positive change in the world. They began the class asking us all "What do you stand for at this moment?" The 3 words that popped into my head immediately were "courage, acceptance and hope." Other people declared that they stood for equality, love and peace. 

As the class went on, Kerri and Suzanne gave lots of tips on how to bring teachings from yoga into the world. Here were some of my favorite words of wisdom: 

1) Find your ground. Staying grounded helps you to flow with the chaos and change of life. 

2) Give yourself permission to take it down a notch. As Kerri said, "you have 5,000 chaturangas in your future this weekend - allow yourself to slow down!" 

3) Let your breathe and body guide your practice -- not anything outside of yourself. 

4) By being where you are, you work towards becoming. It happens organically. 

5) By truly accepting your past, you can lean into your future with more hope. 

6) If you serve yourself, you'll be able to pay it forward. 

7) Stay true to your authentic self, but open your awareness up to the world. 

8) As conscious activists, we walk towards the shadow in order to shift it. 

Through yoga, free flow dancing and music, Kerri and Suzanne encouraged all of us to find our own authentic purpose in the world and truly be the change. A great way to kick off what is sure to be an inspiring Wanderlust weekend!

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