Manoj Chalam: Hindu and Buddhist Deities: The Power of Their Archetypes in Yoga

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1628 “Where science and logic ends, the mythology and philosophy begins.  These deities explain something that can never be fully explained, they must be experienced,” says Manoj Chalam in his Wanderlust Vermont 2012 Speakeasy talk, “Hindu and Buddhist Deities: The Power of Their Archetypes in Yoga.” 

Join Manoj as he uses humor, personal experience and his thorough knowledge to educate about deities, ancient archetypes with centuries-old symbolic stories and influence.  Specifically, Manoj focuses on Shakti, Shiva and Ganesh, powerful deities that represent power, change, ego and the unchanging self.

“These archetypes help you go deeper in the path of yoga and your spiritual awakening and in your day-to-day life,” he explains, “the symbolisms are not by chance – many of them you can’t find in a book, you have to find it in your own experience.  I invite you to meditate in front of Ganesh, it’s very powerful.”

As he shares in this Speakeasy lecture, “This philosophy teaches us that the ego straddles the line of this world of multiplicity and pure, non-dual consciousness.  In other words, when I look at you I’m looking at a body in time and space, but the real you is beyond time and space and the ego is like a knot, caught smack in the center, it actually resides in the heart.”1629

To learn more about the cultural, historical and spiritual influence of deities, don't miss Manoj at Wanderlust Vermont, California and Whistler.  Some of his stories are nothing short of magical!


1625 ~Manoj Chalam uses humor, stories and everyday experiences in his talks on Mythology, Tantra and Vedanta. Indian-born Manoj has given keynote lectures at Yoga festivals and teaches at Yoga Journal conferences, studios, ashrams and Universities. He is a scientist with a doctorate in Chemical Physics from Cornell University. The pursuit of money and fame consumed Manoj initially and at some point he realized that it is a treadmill going to nowhere except a burnout. It took a long time for Manoj to figure out that his calling in life is to assimilate and teach spiritual practice and philosophy through the symbolisms of Yogic art which he now imports from India. Manoj has also compiled a book on Hindu and Buddhist Symbology. - See more here

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